Tuomas quizzed about new album and more

We caught up with Tuomas and gave him a bit of a grilling about the new album and a few other bits and pieces. Tuomas quizzed about new album and more 

So mixing & mastering due for completion in January. All been smooth going? Any cock ups (other than beating up poor Troys ribs)?

* Poor Marco got his share of water sports hazards, as well. As did a couple of our technicians. We just can`t help ourselves when it comes to having too much fun.

Nothing major, though, everything else has been going nice and smooth. (Except for the horrible situation with Jukka, of course. He`s doing better now, and still is the driving force behind the band`s economics and merchandise. Jukka and we agreed that Kai will substitute him for the whole upcoming tour and we`ll just have to wait and see how things are after that.) 

This has been one of the faster recording sessions, mainly because the material was very well rehearsed and we skipped one demo recording stage. This caused the project to be slightly more challenging to Pip (Williams) to orchestrate, since most of the time he only had the original keyboard demo to work with. In the end it didn`t matter since we know each other`s thoughts all too well. He knows how I feel about xylophone, and I now know his opinion about fx bass guitar in ballads… 

The vibe throughout the 3 months of camping was wonderfully positive, relaxed and enthusiastic. 

As I`m writing this we have just finished the second round of mixing, so all the songs are now appr. 95% done. A bit more fine tuning and we should have The Giant ready by mid-January.


How the heck you came up with this not really Nightwish style album title? 

* It was there all along, in front of our eyes, but it didn`t occur to me until a few months ago that it would make the ultimate album title, as well! It sure is my personal favorite from the whole NW catalogue.    


The inclusion of Dawkins gave us a headache reading all the comments. Did you expect such a response to the announcement, and in what way will he feature on the album?

* I was quite baffled about some of the reactions, yes. But they do prove a point that I´m highly in favor of:  

"Everybody wants to believe it, a lie that`s preferable to the truth. If a person debated is a sham, no one feels inadequate". Unfortunately, very often people are not after hard evidence when searching for answers, they want to find evidence which supports their preconceptions about the matter or person debated. There`s a world of difference between those things. And I can`t help the feeling that there`s a deliberate willingness to misunderstand, and not search deeper.

Aren`t we all guilty to such way of thinking every now and then? I know I am.  

Marco`s sarcasm about the message board - havoc was a classic : "If one wishes to cause a real sense of threat with rock `n roll these days, forget drugs and satan, bring an evolutionary biologist aboard instead"


When did you become interested in his work? 

* A few years ago I came across his book "The Ancestor`s Tale" and was instantly hooked. His writing skills, witty humor and overwhelming passion for science and reason made a huge impact on me. Evolution by natural selection is such a beautiful force of nature, and truly understanding the core of it was a spiritual and humbling experience for me. 

Dawkins` " Ten New Commandments " is great fridge door material, too. 


The pipes around your keys were very ott on the last tour. Are you planning an elaborate stage dressing this time around? 

* There will be something again, for sure. Brainstorming ideas as we speak.  


You said 'operatic style' period was over but were you been tempted to use Floors operatic style in places on this album? 

* There`s no need to do anything just because "you can". We have stories to tell and as a band we try to bring them to light in the most convincing way possible. Sometimes it takes a soft voice, sometimes high `n loud or even operatic, sometimes an instrumental version is enough. The whole wide spectrum of Floor`s voice will definitely be present on the album, but I would limit my expectations when it comes to the use of operatic vocal style.  


We all know it's promoters that dictate shows, but if you could choose any place and venue where would it be? 

* We frequently ask our promoters about the more uncharted territories, like India, Iceland, Greenland, South Africa, Siberia, etc. They would be fantastic fun to visit! As would be touring in old churches and castles. 

In the end, we feel privileged to play anywhere.


If you do a 'very very secret' gig again, what you think of the name 'The Warrior Queen & her little rascals"? 

* Sounds like a porn movie to me. :) 


So goodbye to Scene Nation but is the name Oily Empire linked to the nickname you guys give to salmiakkikossu? 

* You`re on the right tracks there, but the name`s origins go deep into a highly private secret society, with its grandmaster the Oily Emperor being very careful about its intimacy, so let`s leave it at that. 


How many people you have working for the band in total? 

* Well, it varies from tour to tour. When touring overseas it`s usually just the band, the managers, the bus driversand 5-6 technicians. In Europe the number goes up to 60-70. 


What on earth did Troy take before the photo sessions? He's smiling like a lunatic in every one. 

* Dear Madam, with such unfounded claims you need to show strong evidence or forever hold your peace ! However, I do remember Troy and I agreeing on a curry and Shiraz after the photo shoot, maybe it was that… 


Why you always end up crippling your team mates when doing water sports? 

* All those nice toys and no velocity makes Jack a dull boy. 


Have you ever visited Don Rosa's home and visited his "vault"? 

* No, I haven`t unfortunately. I did meet him again a couple of months ago in a book fair in Helsinki, though. Such a sweet man. 


Did you ever try to rescue the bottle that you lost in the water when baptising Nightfish 2? 

* How on earth do you remember all these things…?! 


What is your most dearest/memorable/expensive Disney item in your collection? 

* Don Rosa`s original black and white cover artwork he painted for the Scrooge - album. Goes for each of those three categories.  


When I first found the 'Dark Chest of Wonders' and 'The Ring of the Oceanborn' in Elder Scrolls I couldn't believe it. Did you know the programmers did that? 

* Seriously? I did not, that`s great ! 


Thank you! 

Have a peaceful and merry Yuletide everyone!