Tuomas Answers Extra Questions

Tuomas answered some extra questions after our London interview.


What "old-era" song is his favourite to hear Anette sing?

Tuomas: I really like her version of "Ever Dream". Partly because that was the 1st NW tune I ever heard her perform but also since it just fits to her range and interpretation so well.


If there was any one song he had to perform at every gig for the rest of his life, what would he play?

T: Finlandia


Have you ever read the Harry Potter series, if so what are your thoughts?

T: I haven`t read a single line, I'm ashamed to say. But I definitely will at some point in the future, so many people around me keep telling me how great they are and I sure believe them. Even though I wasn`t too fond of the films.


What were you thinking when you wrote Nymphomaniac Fantasia?

T: I wish I knew. Actually I don`t.


What inspired you in writing the first three demo songs and their lyrics?

T: The same things that still inspire me. Putting down thoughts about my life, dreams and fears. Trying out my wings in the songwriting - form - of - self - expression. Aiming to create a microcosm of my own.


Does Tuomas like David Eddings? What other authors influence his work?

T: I loved the Belgarion, Mallorean & Sparhawk sagas! It`s hard to say if the books I read actually "influence" my songwriting, it`s more of a sub-concious thing, I reckon. Reading widens the horizons within, creating more space to create things on your own. And I just adore literature, my all-time favorites being Tolkien, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Tove Jansson, Alexandre Dumas, Clive Barker, Lincoln Child, Walt Whitman, Agatha Christie, Astrid Lindgren, Robin Hobb, Edgar Allan Poe, John Connolly, M.R. James, Charles Dickens, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Patrick Rothfuss to name a few.


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

T: Being able to play like Kvothe.


Why did Elvenpath with Anette 'not work out?'

T: We thought it was cool but she was being highly self-critical, once again. I guess she had a hard time identifying with the lyrics and the range wasn`t the best possible for her even though we tried transposing it.


What's your opinion about the smoking ban that's going to strike Finland?

T: I feel rather neutral about it. I think it`s actually cool that you can`t smoke in restaurants and bars, even as a smoker I support that! But on the other hand I think it`s stupid that you can`t smoke anywhere in e.g. certain airports. A small smokers` booth here and there would make everybody`s life easier.


Have you ever injured yourself on stage?

T: Just mentally.


what is his favourite character in Robin Hobb's Farseer trilogy? And Why?

T: The characters in Mrs. Hobb`s books are unbelievably well created, her character development is simply magical. "Nighteyes" is still my favourite. The ultimate bond with a wolf.. what more can I say?


What is your favourite Disney movie and who is your favorite Disney character?

T: Fantasia (1940) and Sleeping Beauty are my favorite full-length animated features. Scrooge McDuck is my fave character if I`m allowed to mention just one. I wish that I have experienced similar adventures, ordeals, accomplishments and willpower as he has when I`m lying on my deathbed.


Do you wear contact lenses, as sometimes we see you wearing glasses?

T: I had my eyes operated with laser in 2005 so no more glasses or contacts.


What's happening with "Your Heart asks Pleasure First"?

T:It`s gathering dust in my cd-r shelf and hoping to see daylight one day.


Are there going to be more keys on Imaginarium? (Some fans say on Dark Passion Play the orchestra basically replaced your presence on stage with a backing tape)

T:There are actually tons and tons of keys on Dark Passion Play mixed with the real orchestra. It`s the sound of their blend that I love and was after since the 1st time we experimented an orchestra. Same thing with "Imaginarium".


Any plans to release a instrumental version of Imaginarium as you did with Dark Passion Play?

T: I`m pretty sure of it. And an orchestral version, too.


Will the movie be CGI/Live Action or mix?

T: A mix. Since it`s a fantasy movie in a surreal world, the CGI will play a major role in it, but it`s very important to me that the film still is believable. A lot of real actors and real sets will be used.