Scrooge Talks and Nightwish DVD hardship

We grabbed Tuomas after he returned home from the UK after recording some Scrooge elements there, to touch on a few details about the new Nightwish DVD and get caught up with his Scrooge project:

So Tuomas, was the special premier show at Hartwall a contender to be recorded or was it only Wacken that the label suggested?

Tuomas: The idea to add a live concert to the DVD came so suddenly & so late (In June 2013 I believe it was...) that the options were very limited. So yes, Wacken was the only one we really considered.


Can we expect both singers to be featured on the documentary?

T: That was the original plan. This DVD was all about making an interesting tour documentary with a lot of insight, profound interviews and humor. Everybody had the chance to influence what the documentary would be like, and everyone would have the chance to see the result before it goes into print. And change whatever scenes might bother her / him. ( Just yesterday Jukka and me got one last scene removed which we thought was a bit too much of an "inside joke" )

Then unfortunately in early March 2013 we received a message stating that: " No visuals (moving or still) nor audio featuring Anette Olzon can be used in this product ".

This meant going back to the beginning of the editing process, but everyone respected her wish.

For Ville (Lipiäinen, the director), naturally, it was the ultimate challenge, and he was quite the wizard editing the whole thing all over again.

(Here I'd also like to mention about the recent press release of the DVD. It's your normal record label show-off jargon, intended to make a big fuzz over the release. Yes, there is a grammatical mistake about Floor doing 104 shows on the tour, we are sorry for that. Nobody deliberately wanted to exaggerate the numbers.)


Who came up with the documentary title?

T: Marco and me. Originally we wanted the release to be just the documentary + some bonuses. The live show addition - idea came solely from Nuclear Blast. Still, the band wished this to be more than just "a live dvd with loads of extra material". We felt we should proceed with the document as the priority, but the label thought exactly the other way around, haha! So the end result is 50 - 50. You have the show AND you have the story.


Is the cover of the DVD a homage to 'From Wishes To Eternity' as they are quite similar?

T: More of a coincidence, really.


What was the thinking behind putting two older already released video clips on the DVD? (Ghost Love Score and I Want My Tears Back)

T: There was still some space left on the other dvd so why not fill the space. We find those clips very nice so why not.

Scrooge Project


You mentioned Don Rosa has sent you the artwork for the CD cover, how is it looking?

T: Looking fantastic! A beautiful panoramic picture which truly captures the essence of Scrooge's Yukon years. It's so good we have trouble finding room to put the title of the album in...


How was your trip to London, working with Mr Pip Williams once more again in Angel Studios?

T: As smooth as ever. We even finished a day early this time, recording 3 different sized orchestras, The Metro Voices choir, a solo violin (Mr. Dermot Crehan) and ethnic percussions. The musicians were incredible, as always, and with Pip it's always a blast!


Are you using any obscure instruments in the recordings like what appeared on Imaginaerum?

T: There will be some odd ethnic percussions, banjo, didgeridoo, finger cymbals, sleigh bells and harmonica. And an oboe sounding like a duck who's had too many mushrooms.

+ Troy (Donockley) and me went to Rannoch moor last week to do some location recording on Scrooge's clan's ancestral lands! The ghastly winds and rain of that desolate place was quite an ambience...


How are the vocal recordings going?

T: We recorded Mr. Alan Reid (The voice of Scrooge) a week ago at Chairworks Studios. The other 3 vocalists will be recorded later this month.


How many tracks are going to be on the Scrooge release?

T: 10. With a total running time of approximately 55 mins.


Can you yet reveal the title for your project?

T: The working title at the moment is " Music Inspired By The Life And Times Of Scrooge ".


Who will be the label for the release?

T: Nuclear Blast.


Who is involved with the recordings? Such as the guitar parts?

T: The full info package will follow in the near future. I rather not reveal just everything yet, since we still have a long way to go.


What's next in the Scrooge calendar?

T: Continuing this upcoming weekend with guitars, banjo, vocals, keys, pianos, didgeridoo, etc. ----> mixing + mastering in October. Should all be ready by the 1st week of November.


Can we expect some hidden message when we play a track backwards? 

T: Yes, secret archaic mantras to worship Indian food, Battle Beast and Carl Barks.