Chat Transcript Wednesday 4th April

Tuomas visited the chat room on the 4th April to answer fan questions. Below is the transcript of the event

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Tuomas: Hiya!

 mojo: Welcome to the chat, Tuomas .. maybe a few words?

 Tuomas: Wine. moomin. MacGyver. Car. Honey.


Escapist: Andri you can type now

Andri: Hello Tuomas! Really nice to meet you!

Tuomas: Hi there!

Andri: Can introduce myself to you little bit?

Tuomas: Sure.

Andri: I am Andrej (but lot of people call me Andy), I am from Slovakia in small city Hlohovec (just about 25 000 people here) and I am 16 years old. I am at High School, section Graphic Design. My hobbies are playing Guitar, Art, hiking and walks with my dog (schnauzer called Garrique ). I listen to Heavy, Symphonic and Power Metal, but I also love Soundtrack

Tuomas: Some similarities there, I see..

Andri: i want to ask you: Do you still like Paradise Lost? If yes what is your favourite album?

Tuomas: Sure I do! Icon is still my #1 but I enjoy the newer stuff as well.

Andri: My favourite is Symbol of Life

Andri: it annoying for you to listen all the time how perfect music you wrote all the time?

Tuomas: Very nice people, too! We toured the States together a few years back.

Andri: (sorry for the mistake all the time, thats about treme )

Tuomas: I very very rarely listen to our own music..

Andri: no i want to say, a lot of people talk to you like: How great you are etc. isnt that little bit hard sometimes?

Andri: (when you are not in a mood when you are proud of yourself)

 Tuomas: Yeah, it's a bit weird. It's sometimes equally hard to take a compliment as it is to take critique.

Andri: I realy love Village, it's beautiful movie and soundtracks too, what is your favorite scene from this movie? My favourite scene was when Ivy stand in the door waiting for Lucius , with her hand raised and after while Lucius take her hand and close the door. It was very beatiful scene, with combination of soundtrack in background.

Tuomas: Well, it's still my #1 movie of all times. I love the moment when Ivy runs into the fence and we realize the hook of the film. The soundtrack is one of the best ever written!

Andri: yeah its beatiful music in there, i still have it in my MP3

Andri: Did you have some scar from your childhood? (I have one on my forehead when I was running and I crash with my head into doorknob )

Tuomas: Lady In The Water soundtrack is super good also. Check it out if you haven't.

Andri: yeah i listen to it, its very good

Andri: also all Hans Zimmer's soundtracks

Tuomas: Just mental ones. Blaah, not even those anymore.. Time and certain realization of Life helps.

Andri: thats true

Andri: human is build to stand again after some "scar" from life itself

Tuomas: Zimmer is surely one of the best.

Andri: Ok tuomas, really nice to meet you, your music helps me a lot in tragic moments of my life thank you very much for it and I wish you all the best to your personal and musical life

Tuomas: Every moment of light and dark in Life is a miracle. All very best Andri!



EmbraceTheSilence: Hi Tuomas!

Tuomas: Good evening!

EmbraceTheSilence: How are you?

Tuomas: Content in my home, chatting with you fine people.

EmbraceTheSilence: have you ever seen a northen light When you have hiking?

Tuomas: A couple of times, yes! Incredible stuff, even though the ones I saw were rather dim.

EmbraceTheSilence: So if I want to see one i maybe will see it in lapland? I understand that it is amazing

Tuomas: Yes, that's the place to go, and not only for the northern lights! But you need to go during winter.

EmbraceTheSilence: I love hiking during the winter

Tuomas: That's the way to do it!

EmbraceTheSilence: If you could be a sun, a star or the moon, what would yo be?

Tuomas: Well, sun is actually a star, and I'm no Star, so I'll go for Moon. I would have the power over the waters on Planet earth, hahahahaaaaaa

EmbraceTheSilence: Funny answer I probobly would be a moon myself

EmbraceTheSilence: The Phantom of the opera, have you ever thinking to do the whole musical?

Tuomas: No, it's been covered so many times already. And I really fancy writing my own music instead of rearranging other people's doings (at least in a big way like that would be).

EmbraceTheSilence: I understand, but you did a amazing job with taht song

Tuomas: Thanks, it's a great piece of music, the original one. And I love the actual story.

EmbraceTheSilence: I love it to, i have seen it 2 times. And I will se you in Ghotenburg. take care

Tuomas: Take good care, you too!



jokimhu: Good evening Tuomas!

Tuomas: Well hello there!

jokimhu: I'm Joanne. Greetings all the way from the Caribbean!

Tuomas: Wow, thanks Joanne! Any rum left?

jokimhu: Haha! There's always plenty!

jokimhu: Unless you drank it all out

Tuomas: It's been known to happen.

jokimhu: Can you tell us what's the silliest nickname you've ever had?

Tuomas: Bugi-Nagi.

jokimhu: Hah! And who gave you such a wonderful name?

Tuomas: .. By my brother when I was a toddler. Have no idea where it came from.

jokimhu: That's cute

jokimhu: In an epic fight between a ninja and a pirate, who would you place your bet on to win?

Tuomas: From the surprise sector Peter Pan would fly into the battle and slay them both.

jokimhu: nice one

jokimhu: What's your favourite ice cream?

Tuomas: Don't really eat that much ice cream, but the cookie dough one from Ben and Jerry's is real nice.

jokimhu: If you could trade places with a movie character for one day, who would it be and why?

Tuomas: Oliver Hardy. I'd love to meet my biggest movie "hero", Stan Laurel.

jokimhu: Thank you Tuomas for your time. Enjoy the rest of your evening adn remember... Imagine, Dream... Believe

Tuomas: Only if YOU do the same!! Take good care Joanne.



Larey: Hi,Tuomas!

Tuomas: A most wondrous evening!

Larey: yep!

Larey: Really excited to have chats with you!Firstly,I am Larey from China.I am a student studying traditional Chinese medicine and going to graduate in June.I am also one of the administrators of Nightwish Bar(an online fan club) in our country.

Tuomas: Wow, impressive! Congrats in advance for the graduation!

Larey: Time is limited,so I am going to ask some questions now

Tuomas: Go ahead

Larey: If some audience mistake Nightwish's style as Gothic Metal,how would you explain to them?

Tuomas: I feel categorizing is in vain. If someone considers us gothic, I don't mind. There are so many influences... I like to think we are undefined by category.

Larey: Aha~The arguement about styles always happen in our online fan club forum..It's hard to explain it clear

Larey: So,when you try to write a song,which will come to your mind first,lyrics or melodies?And will you record the notes on paper or you just remember all by heart?

Tuomas: "A vehicle of spirit, undefined by category" said someone once about us. that's the BEST description I've ever heard.

Larey: well,it's a great description

Tuomas: The story comes first, then the melodies/riffs/chords, then lyrics. I write something down occasionally but mostly it's all in the head. Or dictaphone.

Larey: So you have really good memoris

Larey: Sometimes I write music,but I would like to write it down on paper

Tuomas: Guess so. But I do write a lot of the stuff down, or hum melodies into a dictaphone. Never used computers so far.. Maybe will in the future, I'd love to try the Sibelius software.

Larey: aha~worth to have new trying

Larey: Have you ever imagine that your poetic lyrics were translated into another language(none-European languages) and written into poems?

Tuomas: Never have, actually. I have no idea what the result would be..

Larey: hahaha~~actually we fans do much efforts in translating NW's lyrics into ancient Chinese poems and the translations are still charming,some of the translated lyrics can be sung along the music

Larey: last question,What's your favorite cigarette brand?

Tuomas: Oh, cool. I can't even begin to imagine how that would sound, ha.

Tuomas: Any piece of coffin nails will do but usually it's Kent.

Larey: And I am really feel pleasant to have chat with you.Best wish to you and other NW guys!!

Tuomas: Thanks! All very best to you & to China.



Liliana: Hello Tuomas I'm Liliana and I'm 14 years old,Greetings from Portugal !

Tuomas: Hey there & a fine evening to you, Liliana from Portugal!

Liliana: What is your favorite candy ?

Tuomas: Super sour bombs, definitely. + salmiakki.

Liliana: What is your favorite TV show ?

Tuomas: MacGyver, Little House On The Praerie, Walking Dead... There are quite a few

Liliana: Are you thinking of doing a tattoo ?

Tuomas: Not seriously. I never really saw the point in taking one.

Liliana: cool , What is the stupidest thing you've done because someone dared you to?

Tuomas: Smoking & singing live.

Liliana: hahaha

Liliana: If somebody handed you a magic lamp and gave you three wishes, what would they be?

Tuomas: To give the wishes to someone smarter, who would know what to actually do with them.

Liliana: that's good

Liliana: What do you eat for breakfast?

Tuomas: A few cups of coffee & a lot of water. If I decide to go mental, I might boil myself one egg.

Liliana: Who in your family are you most like?

Tuomas: That would be my dad.

Liliana: What's the longest you've gone without sleep?

Tuomas: Appr. 40 hours, traveling home from U.S. I can never sleep in a plane.

Liliana: wow ! Who do you respect the most?

Tuomas: My family.

Liliana: It was really nice to talk to you,i wish you all the best ! Hugs from me and my mother (she's also a fan)

Tuomas: A big hug back to both.



Linn_4: Hi Tuomas!

Tuomas: Hell-o!

Linn_4: I'm Linda from Joensuu, Finland and I've been a fan of yours & Nightwish for about 8 years now. I think the album "Imaginaerum" is amazing as well as the concerts were in Joensuu & Helsinki a month ago!

Tuomas: We are nearly neighbors then. Glad you enjoyed as much as we sure did!

Linn_4: Oh, yes. Indeed!

Linn_4: I'm a huge fan of Disney and other animations, so my first question..

Linn_4: Which Disney movie classics (like the Lion King) are your favourite ones? Can you pick TOP5, for example?

Tuomas: Fantasia (1940), Sleeping Beauty, Beauty And The Beast, Pinocchio, Bambi

Linn_4: I love those too, especially Beauty&Beast..

Linn_4: How about your favourite "non-Disney" animations? (like Balto or Dreamworks production...)

Tuomas: It's beautiful. I don't quite fancy the ending, though. Serious American blue cheese there..

Tuomas: Never got into those really..

Linn_4: Okay. Well, there's only one Disney, so I understand..

Tuomas: Some Pixar is okayish but maybe I'm just too old fashioned..

Linn_4: I see..

Linn_4: well

Tuomas: Wall-E & Up were brilliant, though.

Linn_4: Let's talk about your Pirates of the Caribbean favourites. Which one of the films and which one of the soundtracks is your favourite?

Tuomas: Time to break some myths here... The 1st Pirates was amazing fun! The 2nd I'd give2 out of 5, # 3 and 4 are utter crap. Soundtracks are ok in all of them but the last 2 movies are horrendous.

Tuomas: Just my opinion, that is.

Linn_4: POTC films are my favourites of all time. I like them all, but the first one is the best indeed.

Linn_4: How many times you have took a ride in POTC attraction in Disneyland, California?

Tuomas: Ooh, maybe 10? I was in Orlando a couple months back and went into it twice. Love it!

Linn_4: Thank you for this talk! It was amazing to chat with you Your music is very inspiring, the lyrics are full of wisdom. I wish all the best for you and your projects in the future Can't wait to see you in the summer. It would be my dream come true, if "Sleeping Sun", "Escapist" or "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" was included in the setlist in Ruisrock/Pro

Tuomas: Good talking to you! Take best of care Linda!



Lycoris: Hi Tuomas! Nice to meet you, my name is dorota and I'm 19 year old girl from Poland

Tuomas: Hey Dorota how's your evening?

Lycoris: Fine, thanks.

Lycoris: Month ago I started to learn to play keyboard and I wanted to ask you one question connected with it.

Tuomas: I try my best to answer

Lycoris: What was the first song you learned to play?

Tuomas: I wish I remembered. it was something out of "Aaron 1" - piano book when I was 6 years old and started with the piano.

Lycoris: When you were a child... did you wanted to be a musician? Or playing piano was just a hobby?

Tuomas: It was all a mere hobby. I never once dreamed of becoming a musician. Then things took their own weird course and here I am.

Lycoris: And that's great Is being a musician the same thing as you had imagined it to be before you started your career?

Tuomas: Well, I never imagined anything about it so difficult to say. But I love it and have the time of my life every day doing what I do.

Lycoris: What is the first thing you do after getting up?

Tuomas: Put on the coffee.

Lycoris: Just like me

Tuomas: A rather universal habit, I guess

Lycoris: And now it's time for the most weird of my questions...

Lycoris: What would you do if one day all of your hair fell out?

Tuomas: I would stick it back with some duct tape and no one would be any the wiser.

Lycoris: hahah nice answer

Lycoris: did you ever try Polish vodka?

Tuomas: Yes, remember doing that in Poland once or twice.

Lycoris: It was really nice to meet you I can't wait to see you in Warsaw in June. Take care!

Tuomas: You too! Till then!



Missmoo: Hey Tuomas, I'm Donna from the UK Hope you are well

Tuomas: A delight to meet you Donna!

Missmoo: My 1st question is what advice can you give me for my daughter she really wants to play the keyboard like you she is 4 is that to young to start?

Tuomas: I'm no professional.. I started at the age of 6 and felt just right. But if she insists just let her have a good time with it and see how things evolve. Tell her greetings for a nice choice of an instrument!

Missmoo: I will

Missmoo: what is the most embarrasing thing you have done on stage? ;p

Tuomas: Still the same thing; singing

Missmoo: Why is it that you dont sing are you just to shy?

Missmoo: or cant sing

Tuomas: Simply, I just don't fancy singing. It does't do it for me like playing does.

Missmoo: fair enough

Missmoo: do you support any charities?

Tuomas: I have a couple of regular charities I support but don't really want to reveal what they are.

Missmoo: That is ok but nice that you support some

Missmoo: what is your best memory from your childhood?

Tuomas: First visit to Disneyland 26.5. 1990. And all the Christmas Eves

Missmoo: I have yet to visit disneyland, maybe one day

Missmoo: Do you have any strong beleifs about life?

Tuomas: It's hideously commercial but if you can look beyond all that it's paradise.

Missmoo: Can i just say that you have helped me alot personaly through some dark times after i lost my son. Did you ever imagine that your music would help so many people in different ways

Tuomas: Nothing extreme, if that's what you mean. I do love being alive and having all these amazing adventures, good and dark ones.

Tuomas: I'm very sorry to hear that. My condolences. It's a hugely comforting feeling to hear people react to our music the way they do.

Missmoo: Thank you Tuomas. Can I just say it's been a pleasure talking to you, can wait to come and see you some time, your music is truely magical

Tuomas: Much appreciated. Have a good one!



moonwish: hI Tuomas!

Tuomas: Hello!

moonwish: I'm Marie from London. Thanks so much for doing this.

Tuomas: It's good fun!

moonwish: First question, What time of the day are you most creative?

Tuomas: Mornings, by far.

moonwish: Seems that way for me too.

moonwish: Your English is great and I know you read a lot. Do you read books in English or do you prefer Finnish translations?

Tuomas: Both will do. Reading in English is a tad slower, though.

moonwish: You're a sensitive guy. Do loud sounds and large crowds bother you?

Tuomas: Ahem.. I don't especially love big crowds, no. But I can deal with them for a while. Loud sounds are great in small amounts.

moonwish: Loud music is good, especially Nightwish! But I hate sounds and crowds.

moonwish: Do you ever drink white wine?

Tuomas: Loud firework sounds are fantastic!

moonwish: No, don't like fireworks. I'm afraid. Like looking at them though.

Tuomas: I fancy red or even champers but not really white wine. I use it in cooking, though. At the end of the evening any liquid wine will do.

moonwish: Do you feel a spiritual connection with trees?

Tuomas: The way I look at everything is that we are all but stardust, and thus connected.

moonwish: I agree

moonwish: Thanks again for taking the time to chat to us. Enjoy your evening and all the best for the tour and life!

Tuomas: Cheers!



Zemislava: Ahoy Tuomas!

Tuomas: Ahoy there!

Zemislava: Let me introduce myself a little. My name is Michaela and I come from Slovakia. I?m 20 years old and I study archival science in Bratislava(capital city of Slovakia). I love music, book, nature and a little bit weird thing: school

Zemislava: My first question is: if you could travel in time, which three historical periods would you like to visit and why?

Tuomas: The jurassic era to see the dinosaurs, back to 1963 to see who really killed Kennedy and back to the moment of Big Bang to witness the Ultimate Show!

Zemislava: wow, nice choise

Zemislava: what's your favorite dish that your mom would do, without which you can't go for very long?

Tuomas: It's my dad who usually does the cooking. He makes the best false morel soup on the planet.

Zemislava: what's your favorite part of the day and why?

Tuomas: Early mornings. I love the feeling of waking up, clear mind and the scent of fresh brewing coffee.

Zemislava: Can you say something typical for Slovakia? Have you ever think about this country?

Tuomas: We have played there a couple of times and the shows / audience were fantastic! As a hockey fan, Miroslav Satan comes to mind.

Zemislava: so you?re a hockey fan?

Tuomas: Yeah, NHL mainly.

Zemislava: Ok, another: Are you afraid of dentists or other doctors?

Tuomas: Not really, anymore. Used to be as a kid. They have wonderful anesthetics these days..

Zemislava: that?s true

Zemislava: Did you try stop smoking cigarettes in the past?

Tuomas: Never tried in a serious manner. I don't smoke that much anyway. It's more a social habit.

Zemislava: and it?s unhealthy

Zemislava: Do you remember what dreams do you have during a sleep?

Tuomas: Everything seems to unhealthy these days.. Being truly happy and content in life keeps you healthier than anything else.

Tuomas: Sometimes, they are just so easy to forget. i don't keep a dream journal or anything.

Zemislava: ok

Zemislava: I would like to thank you for your time, it was honor for me.I enjoy it very well. Have a nice evening and take care. Bye bye

Tuomas: Take best of care! Bye.


Escapist: Any final works Tuomas?

Tuomas: My pleasure. Was great fun once again!

mojo: sooo we will do it again?

Escapist: He has a choice?

Escapist: hah

mojo: true

Escapist: Thanks all for it being so smooth. Until we arrange something again. I'll get the transcript online later

Tuomas: Absolutely. Let's do a themed chat. We could only talk about Laurel & Hardy, wines, and the meaning of life.

Escapist: .. yeah we'll discuss hah

Tuomas: Bye all