Chat Transcript Thursday 16th June

 Transcript from the live chat on Thurdsay 16th June 2011-

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 * Tuomas: Hi all!

 * mojo: here we go .. room is closed..  and Agni_s is first .. gimme a sec

 Agni_s: hi

 * Tuomas: Hi!

 Agni_s: first of all I want to thank you for your time for us :)

 * Tuomas: no worries mate(s)

 Agni_s: ok, my first question :)

 Agni_s: When you met Carol and Sarah in Feb they gave you gifts from the forum members. One of theese gifts was a cd with 'The Bandit' soundtrack...I'm curious if you have listerned to it already and if yes, did you like it?

 * Tuomas: I had some cd`s yes... haven`t had a chance to listen to them, ashamed to say.. But have them upstairs safe and sound

 Agni_s: oh, so maybe you will see the movie as well :)

 * Tuomas: maybe I will.. Thanks

 Agni_s: Have you got any vice that you would be glad to get rid of?

 * Tuomas: coffee 2 lites a day + cigarettes

 * Tuomas: Trying with the smokes as we speak..


angelsoul: Hi, Tuomas!

* Tuomas: Howdy!

angelsoul: What would your perfect day look like?

* Tuomas: A day at Disneyworld, winter time, not many tourists or not too hot.

* Tuomas: I`d do Haunted Mansion 15 times

angelsoul: Can you remember what was the first tune you learned?

* Tuomas: Something out of the Aaron 1 - piano book

* Tuomas: A simple folk tune or sth..

angelsoul: What are your professional dreams and goals?

* Tuomas: To make that perfect song and album. Will never happen but still trying.

angelsoul: Never say never. (:

angelsoul: If you had to choose a quote (or a line) to describe what motivates you day to day, what would it be?

* Tuomas: The whole Song Of Myself from Walt Whitman.

* Tuomas: And the classic of: "Carpe Diem".

angelsoul: Nice.

angelsoul: What has been your biggest professional challenge?

* Tuomas: The year 2006.

AnthonyB: Yet another "hi there" to you, Tuomas! As have been said before - thanks a bunch for taking the time to chat with us! :) Okay, here is my first question:

AnthonyB: How do you and Pip Williams work when you orchestrate the albums?

* Tuomas: Talk to each other 5 times a day, exchange ideas etc.

AnthonyB: Will there be a soundtrack album from the movie?

* Tuomas: I write chord maps and basic melodies for him first

AnthonyB: Ahh, okay! :)

* Tuomas: I`m pretty sure there will... sort of

AnthonyB: Pretty much what you'd expect.

AnthonyB: Have you had a chance to listen to my music, the one that Carol sent you from the competition? Judging from what you told Agni_s, I assume you haven't but I ask anyway! :)

* Tuomas: Gotta to give the same answer as to Agni_s... but have them.

AnthonyB: Hehe :)

AnthonyB: In the winter, or next spring, I will start working on composing the music for an upcoming big budget game. It's my first large big budget project. Do you have any tips on how to work while on a tight deadline, without getting the infamous "writes block"?

AnthonyB: hours of music to write, only months to do it!

* Tuomas: Last minute panic is a great source of inspiration! ha!

AnthonyB: haha

AnthonyB: You know, I actually get that! Has happened to me a few times before!

AnthonyB: As a game and film music composer, I find that most of the music I listen to is other peoples scores, from movies mostly. Do you listen to film scores much when you listen to music? If so, who is your favourit composer?

 * Tuomas: I always try to get rid of everything else, to be able to concentrate fully in one thing.

 AnthonyB: hehe

 AnthonyB: good advice!

 * Tuomas: Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, james Newton Howard

 AnthonyB: JNH

 AnthonyB: Nice

 AnthonyB: my favourite


* Tuomas: Wow this is quick..

 * mojo: ciggie break ? :D

* mojo: nooooooooo!  lol

* Escapist: we warned you :P

* Tuomas: nope. no need, trying to quit

* Escapist: good man


avalon11: Hi Tuomas! how are you?

* Tuomas: Fine thanks!

avalon11: I'll fire away! :)

avalon11: If you were offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in a village like in "The Village", for the rest of your life, whatwould you answer be?

* Tuomas: Aaaarrrggghhh, I would. I couldn`t. But I would! yes.

avalon11: Lol!

avalon11: good choice! :)

* Tuomas: I`d miss fantasy hockey and Finnish baseball league

avalon11: you'd have to make up your own!

* Tuomas: Yeah, why not

avalon11: Where are you most at peace?

* Tuomas: At home. Absolutely.

avalon11: home is good :)

* Tuomas: Or hiking in Lapland

avalon11: When writing lyrics, do you have to be in a certain place/mind-set for the words to flow?

* Tuomas: Oh yes, that`s the most important thing! happy, sad, melancholic, hungover, pissed off whatever powerful.

* Tuomas: Neutral and bored does nothing

avalon11: emotions are powerful when it comes to creativity..definatley!

avalon11: Have you ever considered releasing a book of just your lyrics?

* Tuomas: Not really, I find the idea a bit boring..

Cathy: Hey tuomas :)

* Tuomas: hey hey!

Cathy: dont know if you remember but In the 2008 nightmail, you said that you were looking through your old notebooks from the AFF- oceanborn- wishmaster era

Cathy: so my question is did you end up including some of those old themes and ideas in the next album?

* Tuomas: yeah...

* Tuomas: One riff (c-part of song #5) and some lyric bits, yes! Long live recycling.

Cathy: heh :)

Cathy: How do you manage to get some private space/ time to yourself when you’re on tour?

* Tuomas: Hotel rooms are actually a wonderful invention! And separate bunks in the tour bus.

Cathy: So I get the impression you’ve read quite a few fantasy books. If you could choose a fictional world to live it which would it be?

* Tuomas: Duckburg, Moominvalley or Middle Earth

Cathy: anywhere specific in middle earth?

* Tuomas: The new Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss is also unbelievably good!!!

* Tuomas: Hobbition, definitely

Cathy: ah :D

Cathy: finally could you recommend some places to visit in Finland that really captures the essence of what you like about the country?

* Tuomas: I`m a man of peace, music and ale, that`s why

CharlieIslander: hi Tuomas! :) thank you very much for giving the time to talk to us!

* Tuomas: Hi mate!

CharlieIslander: First question, when writing a song, do you write the lyrics or the music first?

* Tuomas: First always the idea/story, then the music, then final lyrics

CharlieIslander: What is your least favourite Nightwish song?

* Tuomas: That Nympho... something - thingy. But I`m getting old, I have love for all of my kids.

CharlieIslander: hehe! If you had to choose between playing the keyboards and composing music, which would you choose?

* Tuomas: Ouch... They soooo complement each other. If I had to choose with a poison spider on my arm, I`d choose composing.

CharlieIslander: Besides the keyboards/piano, what is your favourite musical instrument?

* Tuomas: I love french horn, harp, acoustic guitar...

* Tuomas: And human voice


ChemicalYoot: Hi Tuomas! Again, thanks for doing this! :)

* Tuomas: Hello!

ChemicalYoot: First question :) I love the part of Finlandia that you played as an intro during the last tour, would you say Sibelius and other classical composers had inspired you?

* Tuomas: To some extent, yes. But I`m mostly inspired by film composers, they are contemporary classical composers

* Tuomas: And we will keep Finlandia for next tour, too

ChemicalYoot: Ah good! :) When you're writing the music, do you come up with chords/melody/etc first?

* Tuomas: It depends so much... For me the chords and melody always walk hand in hand, neither one "comes first". This is very important to make the melody work and interesting.

ChemicalYoot: Other than Finnish and English, do you speak any other languages, even if just a little?

* Tuomas: A little German and Swedish, studied them at school for some years

ChemicalYoot: Cool :) What’s the main difference between writing Finnish and English lyrics?

* Tuomas: English is easier and much more "forgiving"

Dark_Immortal: Hi Tuomas, again another thanks for coming here today! :)

* Tuomas: Hi hi!

Dark_Immortal: First question: Do you ever plan to end Nightwish, or do you plan to continue the band for as long as possible?

* Tuomas: As long as it feels good to do! No end in sight yet. Maybe one more album, maybe 10, don`t know

Dark_Immortal: Originally Nightwish was going to be an acoustic band, do you think you would have been a success if you kept that idea?

* Tuomas: I love not knowing stuff, haha. Ignorance is The bliss.

Dark_Immortal: haha :)

Dark_Immortal: Do you ever write songs without the intention of recording them with Nightwish or other bands?

* Tuomas: I have done some songs for other artists and projects than NW, but never really just "for fun".

Dark_Immortal: If you had to pick a different name for Nightwish, what would it be?

* Tuomas: Diabolical Eve Of The Nocturnal Holocaust In The Abyss Of Oblivion

* mojo reads that twice

* Escapist: hah, genius

gless: Ohaio:)

gless: Was this live chat Carols idea or your one?

* Tuomas: Ho ho ho!

* Tuomas: Carols

gless: :)

gless: If you have an opportunity for live chatCarl Barks what would you ask him?

* Tuomas: Is it cold there 6 feet under my dear master?

gless: haha

gless: nice one

gless: You always tell that your songs are "born" from experiences in your life.  What's the story behind Dead boy's poem?

* Tuomas: Hatred towards oneself. The feeling of inadequacy.

gless: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

* Tuomas: Form a "metal" band.

gless: Imagine now that we can talk not just write. If I ask to sing or humming a song for us. And because it's only my imagination you say yes. Which song would it be?

gless: thas was my last question:)

* Tuomas: Pantera`s "WALK".

gless: thanks:)


Linza: Morjens, captain! :D

 * Tuomas: Moroooo!!!

 Linza: One sunny April morning as I stepped off my M-train into town, I saw you at rautatieasema, chilling by the tracks with your posse and your very best STAY UP OFF ME face. Is it necessary that you roll 9 deep everywhere? Is anyone actually so rude as to bother you in public?

 * Tuomas: Nothing rude in bothering me in public. I enjoy a nice chat

* Tuomas: But I hate the staring

Linza: Helsinki is full of stare-y people.

* Tuomas: And the "Hei Ville Valo you band is so fag!!!"

Linza: Hahaha, celebrity heckling, they are doing it wrong.

Linza: Too bad you would need a license for pepper spray.

Linza: Tying back to rude things people do to celebrities, I wrote you a book back in 2008. It was a serious imposition, and I'm sorry I dropped 62 thousand words of foreign language text on you. You can lose it without feeling bad. :D

 * Tuomas: Everything`s saved. really is. Just not organized

 Linza: That must take up a lot of room. :P

* Tuomas: I have a rather big storage room. It`s a nostalgia trip.

Linza: Nostalgia trip... fire hazard... :D

Linza: Peace.

* Tuomas: Peace hon


lioness: Hello, Tuomas! I love reading your interviews, and I hope that after thousands of questions you have answered, I may have creative ones.

lioness: 1. You seem to like extreme horror movies (and also you have a coffin and Regan’s paintings), you don’t have a little bit of fear of all that? And what is your favorite terror movie?

* Tuomas: Shoot... I`m scared..

* Tuomas: I just looooove horror stuff! The Exorcist and Wolf Creek are my all-time faves.

lioness: 2. What color are your eyes?

* Tuomas: Blue-gray. i suppose..

lioness: 3. Who is the best looking woman in your opinion?

* Tuomas: Mother Theresa

lioness: hahaha ok

lioness: 4. What perfume do you wear?

* Tuomas: J.P Gaultier and whatever is on the shelf of my local shop

lioness: 5. I have seen you wearing a shirt of the movie Labyrinth. Did you like this movie when you were a child?

* Tuomas: I still LOVE it!! Everything but the Bowie songs.

lioness: 6. When you wrote The heart asks pleasure first, you were thinking about the plot of movie "The piano", or just used the melody and created a whole new story? And why the release is taking so long, is because of the record company?

* Tuomas: Michale Nyman detested the version. He actually told me to get rid of everything to do with our version.

* Tuomas: Just used the melody, basically..

lioness: 7. If you could go back in time and witness any event in history, what would it be?

* Tuomas: Pyramids? Aliens or the wits of Men?

lioness: 8. Is there any professional footage of the shows in 2009? If there is, why are you holding the material?

* Tuomas: Some, nothing pro..


Nikki: Good evening Tuomas.. I hope your well and enjoying this online chat experience. Thankyou to you and Carol/Mojo for doing this.

* Tuomas: Thanks for coming!

Nikki:  going back to what Linza said about you saving gifts from fans... I gave you some Finlandia vodka in Brixon London.. I bet that wasn't saved lol

* Tuomas: Ha, got me!

Nikki: ok just a couple of questions from me so need to be scarred lol

Nikki: Which internationally famous artist or band would you like to work with for fun?

* Tuomas: Vangelis and Hans Zimmer. My music heroes

Nikki: If you could meet a character from a fantasy book for a drink and perhaps a game of drunken uno who would it be? would you win? lol

* Tuomas: A riddle / drinking contest with Gollum. Definitely! He`d win the first, I probably the latter

Nikki: lol

Nikki: Have you ever seen or experienced anything strange which you couldn't explain? I'm not talking about Ewo or Emppu's antics lol but something like a ghost or ufo.

* Tuomas: You`re talking to a sceptic here... I`ve experienced some weird stuff but I have my own explenations.

Nikki: there is more to heaven :)

Nikki: ok

Nikki: Which of your album cover designs is your favourite?

* Tuomas: Heaven is already here

* Tuomas: I like Imaginarium the best. Oceanborn (original version) is great in its sincerity.

Nikki: good luck with quiting the cigs and please google a poem called Desiderata by Max Ehrmann .. I am sure it is something you will appreciate.

Nikki: have a good evening. and respect :)

* Tuomas: Thanks! Down to 3-5 a day now.


Rozzy: hi Tuomas

* Tuomas: A wondrous evening Rozzy!

Rozzy: Would you ever consider, cutting your hair short? (please dont by the way)

* Tuomas: No need for that.

Rozzy: The Brothers Lion Heart......  Is a very dear story to me.

Rozzy: Has it occurred to you to metion, Katla,Tengil or Nangijala in general, in any of your lyrics?

* Tuomas: I really like it! Ronja, as well.

* Tuomas: Finntroll already used Katla... Maybe.

Rozzy: Did anyone ever find out where she was that night?

* Tuomas: I think we all know the answer for that one

Rozzy: TiggerGirl13, and i would like to know, wether Emppu has ever split his trousers on stage? Because hes so energetic.

* Tuomas: I know.. It`s still to happen, to be honest

* Tuomas: High quality denim

Rozzy: Has Carol played you the recording of my husbands radio show? he dedicated a song for us all on chat.

* Tuomas: ?

* Escapist: not yet

* mojo: we need to talk about that later.. ahem   hahhaa

* Escapist: mhm


solarsun: thanks mojoand Escapist :)

solarsun: Hello Tuomas thank you for giving so much back to your fans :)

* Tuomas: Thank you!

solarsun: lol Have you ever been to Tokyo Disney land or sea?

* Tuomas: Nope, Just Anaheim and Orlando ones.

solarsun: I highly recommend them especially the Blustery day hunny pot ride:)

* Tuomas: Ok, try to keep that in mind. Won`t stay there these days, though

solarsun:  No wait a few years perhaps :) If offered an acting part in 'The Hobbit" and you had the time would you do it?

* Tuomas: I would, of course! The director`s mistake, if you ask me.

solarsun: haha :) I read that you like Thai food, what is your most favourite Thai dish?

* Tuomas: Tom Yam Kung

solarsun: Thank you :)


soulwind: Hey hun glad to hear you are feeling well

* Tuomas: Thanks!

soulwind: I am not one for lots of questions and talking (please pick Carol up off the floor because she is laughing so much

soulwind: I would just like to say a thankyou for the nightwish songs over the years to alot of people they are special meanings

* Tuomas: Soulwind? I`d prefer Breaking Wind. Wow, the wine just kicked in..

soulwind: well share the wine!

* Tuomas: Thanks dearie.

soulwind: I do have one question tho.......... I get alot of insperation from nature when I go for walks do you ever get creative when out hiking?

* Tuomas: Oh yes, that`s where all the big ideas come from! Outdoors, simplicity.

soulwind: and thankyou for the signed photo that Carol gave to me ... it gave me courage and smiles through my treatment (ask carol)

soulwind: anyway take care of yourself hun /hugs

* Tuomas: You take good care dear!!


TiggerGirl13: Greetings from the Deep South! I hereby salute you with ye olde anglers motto: Carp Diem! :-)

* Tuomas: hahaa! Hello!

* Tuomas: I love The thrashers.. Too bad they went to Winnipeg

TiggerGirl13: Yeah, we are disappointed to lose them. Don't get me started on the lame team owners! Okay, so here's your MacGyver moment! You have a toothpick, some string and a wine glass - what do you do with it?

* Tuomas: Drink the wineglass if its full, throw away the string and toothpick.

TiggerGirl13: lol

TiggerGirl13: Yep, wine's kicked in, aye? Okay, next.....How drunk would you have to be to be willing to play Baroque Hoedown from the Main Street Electrical Parade?

* Tuomas: What`s that? i`d probably do it sober to the sounds of it.

TiggerGirl13: It's from the old parade in Orlando. I think that parade was still running when you first went there. It moved to Tokyo for a while and has since moved back.

TiggerGirl13: What do you admire most about Walt Disney?

* Tuomas: Oh, ok. I admire his vision, persistence and innocence.


wirtin: Hello! I’m Julia from Belarus. Tuomas, have you ever been in Belarus by the way?

* Tuomas: Hey julia! Never been there. Yet.

wirtin: Are you planning to come to Belarus with Imaginarium?

* Tuomas: Nothing`s concrete yet with the touring except the 1st show, so...

wirtin: I watched some videos where you played sax. I like it. Why did you prefer keyboard?

* Tuomas: The keyboards is more versatile. i still like the sax!

wirtin: :)

wirtin: I like the way you play keyboards too

wirtin: I’m dancer and I have put my dances to Escapist and Nymphomaniac Fantasia songs into forum: (Link removed by mod- find her dances in creation area of forum)  Have you ever watched them?:)

* Tuomas: Sorry, no. i find it embarrassing to visit my website. Very, very hard to explain, but that`s the way I feel things.

wirtin: :(

wirtin: What makes you you?

* Tuomas: The tender moment between my mom and dad.

wirtin: What is your favourite movie which is based on a true story?

* Tuomas: Wolf Creek. If only vaguely.

wirtin: What's your plan for the weekend?

* Tuomas: More working in the yard.


* Escapist: Big thanks to everyone for coming, it was really good. Nice when my plotting comes together so well. :D We will see you again another time.

* Tuomas: Thanks all, it was my pleasure!