Chat Transcript Thursday 12th June

Transcript from the live chat on Thursday 12th June 2014-

Cheyenne: Heippa Tuomas :) I'm Marijke from Switzerland but have lived several years in Finnish Lapland (Rauhala) racing Huskies and still spend a few months per year in our Hirsimökki (=Blockhouse?) up there. Great honor to have you here live. Your music means pure enthusiasm to me.

* Tuomas: Well hello Marijke!

Cheyenne: A couple of years ago in January you joined a sleddog-tour in Lapland. Right? In my opinion you couldn't have chosen a more perfect month to go for it! Did you enjoy the polar night?

* Tuomas: I did, yes. For the 2nd time. It was fantastic!! It was for a Finnish tv series..

Cheyenne: What was your adrenalin kick like when you drew the snow hook for the first time and your dogs nearly exploded by their „desire to go" and „will to please"?

* Tuomas: Just trying to survive and stay alive. I loved the combination of speed and quiet.

Cheyenne: I sincerely trust you did NOT lose your team! I hope you were lucky enough to hit the track one fine evening during full moon, clear starry sky and the aurora borealis appeared? (It's bright enough to go without illumination.)

* Tuomas: Didn't get quite so romantic, actually. If I remember correctly it was a bit warm so the huskies were a bit lazy. Beautiful experience nonetheless.

Cheyenne: Let's imagine what kind of sound most likely stucked into your mind? Has it been landscape metal, relaxing soundtrack or did you just enjoy the natural pyros, scenery and silence besides the dogs' hackling?

* Tuomas: I remember the panting of the dogs and the sound of the sleigh on the snow the best. Metal (or music altogether) was the last thing in my mind then.

Cheyenne: Great to hear! Talking about your affinity towards wolves. Did you have any experience in wilderness with wolves so far?

* Tuomas: I've never encountered a wolf in the wild, yet. Would be a great experience. I met one in a cage, though. Impressive animal!


strangemas: Hey there, nice to see you here! I'm Andy, a mathematics student from germany, hope you are fine? ;)

* Tuomas: I'm superb, thanks!! Hope you are, too.

strangemas: sure! ;)

strangemas: I've seen some concerts yet, a few quite small ones and some really big ones as well. In my oppinion the small concerts are more personal and kinda intimate, while the big ones are really epic with the big LED screens and the pyro. What do you as an artist think about this? which kind of show do you prefer?

* Tuomas: Both have their advantages, I love the big production, the more fire the better. But you cannot beat the intimate feeling of a 400-person pub show somewhere in the backwoods of Texas.

strangemas: right I think i'd prefer a smaller one if i had to decide

strangemas: after the movie and your great solo album, do you have any other projects in mind besides nightwish?

* Tuomas: Not at the moment. I did the charity thing for the Finnish Live Aid but now it's all NW for the next 3 years or so.

strangemas: Lohtu - great song! :)

strangemas: now something out of the line: I'm gonna take finnish lessons in my university for the next 3 semesters, what do you as a native speaker think? Is it really that hard to learn? (hard grammar?)

* Tuomas: Thanks. I belive Finnish is one of the most difficult languages there is. Good luck!

strangemas: thanks

strangemas: well thank you for your time and have fun with tho others ;)

* Tuomas: Sure will, thanks!


SlainByThePendulum: Hei Tuomas! How are you? My name is Emmanuel, a 21-year old guy from Mexico. It was my birthday two days ago when I was told that I'd be one of the few people who'd chat with you tonight. A very nice birthday gift, if you ask me.

* Tuomas: Happy BDay!

SlainByThePendulum: Thank you so much

SlainByThePendulum: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your Scrooge album going gold in Finland, definitely a well deserved achievement! The album is very good.

* Tuomas: Cheers, it was quite the surprise for a "fanboy" album like that.

SlainByThePendulum: Haha, but it was great!

SlainByThePendulum: You've visited Mexico quite a few times now. Have you ever had the chance to go sightseeing? If so, what has been your favorite moment/place here?

* Tuomas: Teotihuacan was fantastic, been there twice. Mexican cuisine is also one of my very favorites!

SlainByThePendulum: Cool!

SlainByThePendulum: Once you said you like Mexican food. I wonder what your favorite dish is, or what dishes have you tasted.

* Tuomas: The hotter the better. Vegetarian Tacos, but definitely with hard shells.

SlainByThePendulum: Haha, awesome!

SlainByThePendulum: Is there any chance that you will go back to the more complex keyboard arrangements in the next NW-album? I mean more keyboard solos and all that cool stuff.

* Tuomas: There's always a chance! Haha. The key arrangements are always quite complex, they're just hiding beneath the orchestra. Every single thing the orchestra plays is always doubled with keyboards.

SlainByThePendulum: Ok. You've probably read this a lot of times and I'm sure that it's nothing new to you, but I want to tell you that you music is very important to me. Thank you for everything, really! Good night to you!

SlainByThePendulum: And thanks for your time!

* Tuomas: Good night! There's more stuff coming up soon.


Anmonite: Hi Tuomas, how are you? Im Andrea from argentina, Im really happy to share this moment with you, thank you so much!

Anmonite: How is my ammonite?

* Tuomas: Hi Andrea! Good luck with the World Cup.

Anmonite: hha, thanks

* Tuomas: The ammonite is well and safe, on the desk of my work room.

Anmonite: beautiful!

Anmonite: do you remember me?

* Tuomas: Yes, now that you mentioned the fossil.

Anmonite: i have to tell you sorry, for all the recomeded i told you abou the fossil

Anmonite: but that was really importat for me

Anmonite: for that i give it for you

Anmonite: The show in buenos aires was fantastic!!! I remember flor singing ghost love score, I couldn't stop the tears.

* Tuomas: Cheers, Argentina always treats us beautifully.

Anmonite: Congratulations for Lohtu and for all the artists that made a participation in the clip, and were motivated for the call of help to childrens for them hospital. We are working in a movil hospital, that travels around cities on a track, and take care of people in aboriginal communities.

* Tuomas: Thanks !

Anmonite: I work with animals, recently was born a Little puma in the reserve, who we called Tuomas, like a hommenage for your work. Is our dreams that Toumas will be free there are many people working with this, but we have to learn a lot about the behavior of the animals. People ask us about the why of his name, and we ask that we considerated that an artist is a m

Anmonite: mirrow of the soul of the humanity, Nightwish is the Vechicle of the Spirit, for a lot of cultures that's get the name of Merkaba.

* Tuomas: Now, that's an honor. Much appreciated!

Anmonite: We´would like to send you the Tuomas´s footprint sign for everone and a necklase made from a cacique Wichi specialy for you.I love this culture because the spirit is all for they.

* Tuomas: Sure, lovely!


DarknessCrawler: Hey Tuomas :) I'm Jessica from Portugal, thanks a lot for your time with us! Amazing opportunity

* Tuomas: Hi Jessica, welcome!

DarknessCrawler: As a key lover first thing I want to ask is ... do your prefer church organ or grand piano?

* Tuomas: Actually I prefer my beloved Korg Karma, but out of those two, definitely church organ!

DarknessCrawler: Deeper one ... was it bearable for you to live in a place where you couldn't see the sea?

* Tuomas: I'll manage...

DarknessCrawler: I see

DarknessCrawler: What's your opinion about black metal?

* Tuomas: Some of the stuff is really good, like Emperor, Dimmu, Enslaved etc. (If you consider them black metal..?)

DarknessCrawler: Since I love this genious too ... Do you have a favourite poem from Edgar Allan Poe?

DarknessCrawler: and I'm a Dimmu fan myself :)

* Tuomas: Well, everyone loves Raven. Maelstorm is my favorite novella, together with The Pit And The Pendulum.

DarknessCrawler: What's your favourite time of the day to compose?

DarknessCrawler: The Raven is awesome

* Tuomas: Early morning, by far! I haven't written a song after 6pm in 10 years...=)

DarknessCrawler: thanks a lot Tuomas, couldn't ask for better :)

* Tuomas: Bye!


lonely_wolf: Hi Tuomas ;) My name is Svetlana and I'm from Russia ;) First of all I want to thank you for taking time in your schedule to chat with us :)

* Tuomas: Hey Svetlana what's up.

lonely_wolf: So, here is my first question: do you have/had a pet? And whom do you like most: cats or dogs? :)

* Tuomas: I'm a dog person but don't mind cats either. I used to have lot of dogs and cats but can't do that now.

* Tuomas: One day I'll have a Deerhound!

lonely_wolf: Nice :) I know you like J.R.R. Tolkien books and so I guess you have watched 'The Hobbit' movie. Do you like it?

* Tuomas: I loved the Hobbit. I get the criticism, though..

lonely_wolf: And, concerning the movie theme: have you ever, while watching film, had an idea about music for it. By another words, had any film inspired you to wrote something as 'soundtrack' for it?

* Tuomas: Not quite like that, but watching movies is a huge source of inspiration for me. Storywise and music wise.

lonely_wolf: Do you talk to Emppu, Jukka, Marco, Floor and Ewo about upcoming Nightwish 20- years anniversary? have you already discussed any ideas about it? ;)

* Tuomas: We had a quick cat but nothing was decided. We'll most likely be on tour when the time comes.

* Tuomas: Chat.

lonely_wolf: Now I want to thank you Tuomas for everything you've done and wish you good luck. And of course thanks for a nice chat :) Take care of yourself :)

* Tuomas: You too!

lonely_wolf: Thanks :) Best wishes from Russia


isis: Tuomas Hello, nice talking to you! I would like to know your feelings about the songs: Nightwish, and Ghost Love Score? They are my favorite, I got a tattoo of the song Ghost Love Score!

* Tuomas: GLS is one of the watershed songs of Nightwish, a very important one for me. And Floor's #1 favorite.

* Tuomas: I can't even remember how "Nightwish" goes...

isis: There is more a dream, in relationship to your career would you like to accomplish? For example record a song with someone special?

* Tuomas: There was a flute... and a guitar... and a girl singing...

isis: There is the possibility of disseminating his new work The life and times of scrooge here in Brazil? I loved the songs, they were great!

* Tuomas: A whole bunch of dreams, yes! And we do the best we can to accomplish them. Already on the next album.

isis: What would you like to do when you free?

* Tuomas: I have no details about Scrooge... There will not be a live show if that's what you are asking.

* Tuomas: Gardening, culinarism, drinking, campfire, books, friends, hiking.

isis: Thanks for the chat, thanks for taking the time to talk to their fans! All the best, your work is the best I've ever met! A big hug, Isis

* Tuomas: Huge thanks!!


Varda: Hi Tuomas! :) It's very nice to meet you! My name is Merethe and I'm a 29 year old biologist from Norway. First I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your music. It means more to me than words can ever express! :)

* Tuomas: Hi Merethe!

Varda: I'm curious: What is your favourite Finnish bird? I'm a hobby bird watcher, and I always like to ask people this question :P

* Tuomas: Owls.

* Tuomas: Just sth about them...

Varda: I agree! :D

Varda: Have you heard of the group Wardruna?

* Tuomas: We have a half tame black woodpecker by the house, gorgeous, as well.

* Tuomas: No..

Varda: I ask because I think their music is so fantastic, and I have a feeling you may think so too. So I wanted to recommend them to you!  It was founded by Kvitrafn from Gorgoroth, but the music couldn't be more different! It's sort of folk/Viking/ambient music, if I had to try to describe it :P

* Tuomas: Will check it out!

Varda: Great! :)

Varda: Could you recommend a book for me? One that affected you in some way.

* Tuomas: Patrick Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles. Best fantasy since Tolkien. Everything by Richard Dawkins & Carl Sagan.

Varda: Thank you! :)

Varda: Thanks for your time. I wish you all the best for the future, and hope it brings all that you wish for and more :)

* Tuomas: Very best for you, as well.


ParadiseSeeker: Hello, my name is Natalia Olmedo Alberca, I am 21 years old and I live in Campo de Criptana, a beautiful town of Spain. Next year I finished my Law degree. I would ask you a lot of things, but I have selected some questions.

* Tuomas: Go for it!

ParadiseSeeker: What is your favorite Disney film and why?

* Tuomas: Fantasia (1940). Magical and brave.

ParadiseSeeker: Do you know Don Quixote? It is a good novel that I recommend you strongly. I think it would like you.

* Tuomas: I read it as a young kid, don't remember much about it.

ParadiseSeeker: Discusses about a gentleman that after reading many books on knights becomes crazy and sees the windmills of my town as giants

ParadiseSeeker: :)

ParadiseSeeker: I'm glad you know some of my culture

* Tuomas: That much I do remember..

ParadiseSeeker: Have you ever thought about coming to Spain to act or as pleasure trip?

* Tuomas: I've been there a few times years ago.. On a holiday. Act??!! =)

ParadiseSeeker: Do you like actual Disney films, such as Frozen, for example?

ParadiseSeeker: Perform""

ParadiseSeeker: I don't speak very well english

ParadiseSeeker: And I'm too nervous

* Tuomas: I like the animated classics, don't really enjoy the computer generated ones. Wall-E & Toy Story were the only exceptions.

ParadiseSeeker: Good bye, Tuomas. Thank you for making without realizing the soundtrack of my life. I hope to meet you in person someday.

ParadiseSeeker: Thank you for all

* Tuomas: All very best to you!

ParadiseSeeker: :)


Eltanin: Hello Tuomas. My name is Marta and greetings from Italy! :D First, I wanted to thank you with all my heart because your music helped me overcome depression in a very particular moment of my life. You saved my life, really. So thank you very much.

* Tuomas: Hi Marta! I'm sorry to hear that, and glad to hear we could've been of help..

Eltanin: My first question is about the new Nightwish album. Speaking of past albums, you've always said that they were the result of your personal experiences. It will be the same for the next one?

* Tuomas: There's a lot of personal stuff again, but not as much as before, I think. It is more or less a thematic album.

Eltanin: it will be great :D

Eltanin: I am an opera singer and up to eight years ago, I never imagined that opera music and metal music could combine together so wonderfully. How did you get the idea to combine them together?

* Tuomas: Just listened through it yesterday, sounded promising.

* Tuomas: It was a coincident. We originally thought Tarja would have a smooth girly voice.. When she came to the studio she sure surprised us all.

Eltanin: You're a big fan of Donald Duck (obvious affirmation! hahah) but what about Mickey Mouse?

* Tuomas: Mickey is boring. Really boring.

Eltanin: Thank you a lot for your time and have a magical life! Hope to see you here in Italy, maybe in Rome :D

* Tuomas: All the magic to Italy, as well!


landayna: hello! . My name is Diana, I am Colombian I work as a reading promoter for kids. Very happy to talk with you!!!

* Tuomas: Cheers, Diana!

landayna: Well I want to play a game with you and make the conversation a little bit fun how is that.

* Tuomas: Ok?

landayna: Ok, so I am going to write a word, simple word, and you write whatever first comes to your mind ok?

* Tuomas: Sure

landayna: Butterfly

* Tuomas: Fly

landayna: Wheels

* Tuomas: Toyota Land Cruiser

landayna: Rainbow

* Tuomas: Richie

landayna: Thunder

* Tuomas: Rumble

landayna: Bike

* Tuomas: Mike

landayna: Grandgrandfather

* Tuomas: Ape

landayna: Chicken

* Tuomas: Even older grandfather

landayna: very basic haha

landayna: hahahahaha

* Tuomas: Buhahhaaaaa

1landayna: so now i wander Have you ever read any Latin author like Gabriel Garcia Marquez?

* Tuomas: There's a Latin author'

* Tuomas: ?

landayna: I will like to recommend you 100 years of loneliness, is a great book, you might like it if you ever have the chance to read it!

* Tuomas: Thanks!

landayna: Yesterday I ask mojo if he knew any Colombian metal band, he said No, and I wander do you know any?

* Tuomas: I don't, no.

landayna: Do you ever find yourself singing a song while you are distracted?

* Tuomas: Don't we all..? =)

landayna: You really enjoy nature right, what is the thing you enjoy the most beside silence?

landayna: hahahaha yea is true

* Tuomas: The feeling of Home. And "basics".

landayna: Have you ever try Colombian coffe?

landayna: Ok now, I wanted to share something with you, someone once ask me what a think about your music and I said: his music has own soul, inviting us to see a world to escape away that is full of beauty as tolkien with music, and I wanted to share that with you because you inspire me as much as reading a book inspires me, a good book.

* Tuomas: Every day! Many times. Couldn't survive without it.

* Tuomas: I reflect the things which inspire me dearly, too. That's what it basically is.


NyjahAtaru: Hello, Tuomas! :)My name is Regine, I'm a 17 year old girl from Norway. I'm so grateful that you are willing to do this for us!

* Tuomas: Regine, hello!

NyjahAtaru: So my first question: would you ever consider doing a concept album? Or would that leave you with too limited possibilities for your songwriting?

* Tuomas: Mayabe not a concept album, but a "thematic album", yes. Like DPP, or the next one.

NyjahAtaru: okey :)

NyjahAtaru: • You said in an interview that you hear music when you read, and mentioned The Life and Times of Scrooge and Lord of The Rings as examples. As for LOTR, do you hear your own music or Howard Shore's Soundtrack?

* Tuomas: I used to hear my own. It's impossible to avoid Shore's awesome score now, though..

NyjahAtaru: I see, even I hear it.. and I rarely hear musiv unless im listening to it ^^'

NyjahAtaru: • Regarding the Vehicle of Spirit-competition. How many of the fan-memories did you read? Did you take part in chosing which ones that were to be published? (I'm the girl who met Troy on the airport after your Trondheim-gig in 2012, btw)

* Tuomas: I wasn't a part of this one at all, it was Mad Supply's competition.

NyjahAtaru: okey :)

NyjahAtaru: • Is there a question that you are tired of hearing? If there is, and you had the opportunity to answer it once and for all, what would your answer be?

* Tuomas: " Please don't bring this one up anymore " ? =)

* Tuomas: "Please tell the history of NW shortly" is a rather annoying one.

NyjahAtaru: I understand that one :) Thank you so much Tuomas, this have been such an amazig opportunity. I hope that i'll be able to see you the next time you come to Norway!

* Tuomas: Until then!

NyjahAtaru: :)

LittleKat: Hi Tuomas, I'm Kat mum of 5 from London :)

* Tuomas: Hi Kat - mum!

LittleKat: :)

LittleKat: I'll be visiting Finland this summer with my family (very excited!) – what's your favourite place that you recommend we visit?

* Tuomas: Lapland! Cafe Regatta in Helsinki.

* Tuomas: Reastaurant OLO in Helsinki.

LittleKat: Thank you. Isn't cafe Regatta near the Sibelius monument/

* Tuomas: I can't remember. Greetings from the countryside of Finland.

LittleKat: Thanks. It will be so good to go, looks beautiful

LittleKat: u wrote in Gaeli at the beggining of Glasgow 1877 – such a beautiful language which my ancestors spoke and I started learning. I was delighted when I heard it –who translated it, does Troy speak Gaelic?

* Tuomas: It was a girl called Maeve MacKinnon

* Tuomas: Got a hold of her via Troy.

LittleKat: Do you have any songs that were never quite right, that you didn't finish? Can you just leave one, or do you go back to it until it's right, or maybe take bits of it for something else?

* Tuomas: There has been a couple of incidents like that, but it's very rare.

* Tuomas: We already know which one of the 12 songs will be next albums bonus track..

LittleKat: Thank you so much for your time, Tuomas, and for everything. Take care

* Tuomas: Best wishes, Kat!

LittleKat: :)

LittleKat: and to you

Darkforever: hey Toumas My name is ozgur from Turkey

* Tuomas: Hi Ozgur!

Darkforever: did u ever visit my country?

* Tuomas: Once on a holiday. Went sailing on the coast of Turkey. Never toured there, though.

Darkforever: hope you have tasted some our spicy foods!:)

* Tuomas: Of course!

Darkforever: since Im suprise egg and didnt prepared this..hımm what you think aboutthe escapist team?
* Tuomas: Nothing but positive things to say.

Darkforever: :) Im a Mc gyver fan as well

* Tuomas: Yes, I like you already!!!

Darkforever: maybe another solo album about..The times and life of mc gyver?:D

Darkforever: imagine the intro!!:D

* Tuomas: If I were ever to do another solo, that's it then. Thanks for the tip.

* Tuomas: I would arrange the intro into a minor scale, though.

Darkforever: haha great!:)

Darkforever: I would love to hear it,thank you for time,and come chat room more often!:)

Darkforever: being busy is not excuse!:D

* Tuomas: All very best to you!

Darkforever: always take care Tuomas


Ganjhorn: Hey Tuomas, I'm Rick from Texas!

* Tuomas: Good evening Rick!

Ganjhorn: You said you really enjoyed playing a small gig in the backwoods, and we've got plenty of camping festivals here! Any chance that'd become a reality?

* Tuomas: Let's see! There are already some tour plans for US in 2015 but don't know any details.

Ganjhorn: Awesome!

* Tuomas: It's all up to the high 'n mighty John Finberg!

Ganjhorn: have you got any "rock star" story you've never shared? :)

* Tuomas: Yes. there's a reason for not sharing them. =)

Ganjhorn: hahaha touche!

* Tuomas: It's a funny illusion, though. The whole rock star thing.

Ganjhorn: what do you mean by that?

Ganjhorn: No wine, women, trashed hotel rooms?

* Tuomas: It's a lame excuse for doing goofy stuff and be praised about that. Hahaa.

Ganjhorn: Well I guess it's been a long time since you shared a single with Bodom! Thanks for taking the time for us :)

* Tuomas: Only one trashed hotel room in the history of NW. And even that was the technicians' doings.

* Tuomas: They are the real rock stars of this group..


* Dandelion: And thanks to all the winners for their questions! :) We hope we can repeate this soon!
* Tuomas: Big thanks to everyone!!