Chat Transcript Friday 17th June

Transcript from the live chat on Friday 17th June 2011-


Alika: ok hate to be first but what can i do...

* mojo: true :D

Alika: my name is Alla and I am from Israel, it’s a gr8 pleasure to have you here, than you for the music you make Its Magical and very inspirational!!

* Tuomas: Thanks! Cool to be here

* Tuomas: gr8 ??! Wow, I`m learning

* Escapist: hah

Alika: I heard from the guys on yesterdays chat you where trying to quit smoking—good luck with thatFirst I apologies for misspellings

Alika: :-)

Alika: ok first question I play guitar for some years now. When I play a new tune I play it mostly by memory. When you play new songs you play by memory or you use notes?

* Tuomas: 90% memory, I use some chord sheets every now and then

Alika: cool

Alika: 2. How did you know that you want to make a living of writing music?

* Tuomas: I never knew, actually. I just love doing music and at some point I relized I can also make a living with this.

* Tuomas: I had another job until the year 2001

Alika: :-)

Alika: really

* Tuomas: yeah, substitute teacher and stuff

Alika: 3. When I am on stage I get very stressed, do you feel the same, if so how do you deal with it?

Alika: ou that cool

* Tuomas: I get very very nervous often. Sometimes even puke. I deal with it by going on stage and thinking happy thought nothing to do with music.

Alika: 4. When you’re on stage you seem very energetic, where do you get you energy from?

Alika: niice gona try that one

* Tuomas: I guess that`s the place where I can just get rid of all the demons

* Tuomas: Audience is often pure energy

Alika: thats intresting

Alika: 8. What in your opinion makes a good performance?

* Tuomas: Sincerity and mistakes.





Benihime: Hello Tuomas, I'm Andreina from Venezuela. I hope you're good, thanks for being here and taking the time to share time with us.. We are all happy :)

* Tuomas: Hi! Happy here as well.

Benihime: and nervous i think :)

* Tuomas: No need

Benihime: Is there any chance NW could make an Acoustic version of some songs?

* Tuomas: Sure, we`ve been talking about that a lot actually. I guess that`s a sure sign of getting old.

Benihime: :D

* Tuomas: We are all big fans of acoustic stuff

Benihime: That would be great :)

Benihime: Is there any place in the world you that you still don't know and that you would like to have a show there?

* Tuomas: The African continent, Pacific islands and Alaska

* Tuomas: Moon

Benihime: Haha.. I'm sure NW could get there.. :D

Benihime: we would go to that show for sure :)

Benihime: You have plans of retirement at some point and have a calm life or you plan to keep working with Nightwish for a veeeery loong time? (That will make us veeeery happy) :D

* Tuomas: Love to be the 1st one to do that

* Tuomas: We`ll continue NW as long as it feels comfortable for us all. Maybe 3 years, maybe 30

Benihime: What is the thing that amaze you more about "The Escapist"? Maybe how Carol makes everyone behave? :)

* Tuomas: Unconditional effort.

Benihime: Have you had time to read the book we gave you? :)

* Tuomas: I sure did. Fantastic. I listened to our new songs while reading it. Nearly gave me tears.





CenturyChild breathes calmly...

CenturyChild: I'll also introduce myself first. My name is Martin. I'm 17 years old from Norway. I feel very honoured and privilegded to be "talking" with you.

* Tuomas: Hi Martin!

CenturyChild: My first question is: How can you headbang so much without destroying your neck completely?

* Tuomas: Practice, I suppose.. I always nearly break it if I do it without music, though. Something magical about music..

CenturyChild: Awesome! Thanks.

CenturyChild: Do you have any plans performing with a live symphony orchestra some time in the near future, toward the end of the Imaginarium tour for example?

* Tuomas: I`d love to do it, but this idea has always fallen because of some reason. No promises, but at some point in the future, definitely!

CenturyChild: I'll look forward to it!

CenturyChild: What sort of books do you read other than fantasy?

* Tuomas: Detective stories, lots of science and nature literature, comics...

CenturyChild: Ah, great.

CenturyChild: Can you mention a few places where you love to hike besides Kiilopää and the shoreline of northern Norway?

* Tuomas: Karhunkierros, Lemmenjärvi

CenturyChild: Thanks!

CenturyChild: Last one. Which soundtracks would your 'Top 5 soundtracks' list consist of?

* Tuomas: Lemmenjoki... Sorry

CenturyChild: :)

* Tuomas: Gladiator, The Village, the Rock, Sleepy Hollow, Titanic... The list goes on forever

CenturyChild: Thank you for your time!

* Tuomas: Cheers, mate!


Cynwise: Hi Tuomas. Thanks in advance for answering these questions. :) Okay first, I was always curious to know: Is the ''Put to rest all that's not life, drink for beauty...'' line from Cadence of her Last Breath in any way inspired by the ''Drink from me and live forever'' tag line of the movie Interview with the Vampire?

* Tuomas: Not actually... (great movie) It was heavily inspired from Walt Whitmans Song Of Myself

Cynwise: Oh okay..nice to know :)

* Tuomas: Put to rest... is a quote from Thoreau

Cynwise: what book(s) are you reading at the moment (or what was the last book you read)?

* Tuomas: Wise Man`s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. Sensational new fantasy epic!!! Now I`m reading a nature book about Finnish landscapes & food (not fiction)

Cynwise: oh okay, I will check that out :D

Cynwise: I was very surprised when you said that you still get very nervous going on stage. It doesn't show at all - you look very confident when you're performing! Would you say you're a good actor?

* Tuomas: Please do

* Tuomas: I can`t act worth shit. But usually the nervousness mostly disappears the moment I step on stage. 5 mins before that I`m in my personal hell

Cynwise: I know you like to travel a lot - but if you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?

* Tuomas: Australia. Besides Finland, it`s my absolute favourite country in the world




DaedraLord: *clapping, dancing and singing*

DaedraLord: Hei Mr. Holopainen, or Tumoas if you prefer. My name is Ilias and i am from Greece. It's a great honor for me even to chat with you. So thank you for your time. I know it's really precious for you.

DaedraLord: Would you ever give up composing or keyboards for something else now that you have a succeful career?

* Tuomas: No prob, welcome!

* Tuomas: No, composing is my only way to function as a human individual.

DaedraLord:  Any plans of singing again?

* Tuomas: Corny but true

* Tuomas: Not really, I just don`t enjoy singing.

DaedraLord: I really love your voice in Carpenter

DaedraLord: so i would like to listen to you again

* Tuomas: Wow, thanks. I just don`t get it when people say that, I really don`t

DaedraLord: What's the first thing you notice when composing a new song

* Tuomas: I sound like a motor boat engine

* Tuomas: The idea or the story! "What do I want to tell with this song?" That`s the most important thing.

DaedraLord: thank you i was very curious about it

DaedraLord: What's the source of your inspiration, music and lyrics,  though all these years?

* Tuomas: Personal experiences. My own dreams and wishes. People around me. Evil and goodness of the world. Love.

DaedraLord: thank you for your time and(i know it's forbiten) Hyvaa iltapaivaa. I hope to see you live in Greece

* Tuomas: Take good care!

DaedraLord: i was witing for many to say something to you in finnish




Ever_Dream: Hello, Tuomas! My name is Dessy and I`m from Bulgaria.

* Tuomas: Hello Dessy!

Ever_Dream: I`ve been thinking about what exactly I want to tell you and I believe it`s best to begin with thanking you. You`ve probably heard this a million times and perhaps it`s nothing new to you but I really want to let you know how much you`ve done for me, even though we`ve never met. Of course I can go on praising your music and lyrics and say how beautiful they a are but I love them because when I listen to your songs I feel like I become the music itself. Maybe you know the feeling – you`re lying down, for example, with your eyes closed, listening, and you suddenly realize that it`s like your soul has left your body, it has become the melody, the rhythm, the words. I hope you can understand because this sensation is

* Tuomas: Thank you dearie! I try my best to keep it up, for you and for myself

Ever_Dream: is difficult to describe. Your music inspires me, helps me relax, cheers me up, it`s there when I feel the worst. I really wanted to tell you all this, sorry for the long explanation, I know it sounds cheesy and corny. :D

Ever_Dream: sorry for all this

* Tuomas: No worries!

Ever_Dream: :D

* Tuomas: I`m flattered

Ever_Dream:  Have you heard of a musician called Loreena McKennitt? If yes, would you ever create a musical project with her?

Ever_Dream: you probably haven`t her music is very... different

* Tuomas: Yes I have. I like her, but maybe not go as far as collaborating.

Ever_Dream: OK, thanks :D

Ever_Dream:   2. What inspired you to create the song Satojen merien nakija? Are there going to be any more songs with/for Johanna Kurkela (or any other artist) in the near future?

* Tuomas: I enjoy doing stuff for other artists as well. Satojen merien näkijä is a song about dreams and rebirth

Ever_Dream: It`s a lovely song!

* Tuomas: Thanks.

Ever_Dream: Is there a musician from the past and present you`d like to work with?

Ever_Dream: or present"

Ever_Dream: sorry, I`m really nervous...

* Tuomas: Vangelis & Hans Zimmer, my music heroes.

Ever_Dream: We are all asking you all these questions. Do you have anything to ask us?

* Tuomas: When it comes to metal, Dimebag Darrell was the best there is.. RIP

Ever_Dream: I`m breathing! lol

* Tuomas: Yes, please breathe and take it cool?


Fehythe: Hello, Tuomas, I am Stephanie from the USA. Thanks so much for your time, and thank you to mojo and Escapist as well. How are you this evening?

* Tuomas: Fine, thanks! Lots of yardwork done and enjoying an evening with you great people

Fehythe: Good to hear. :)

Fehythe:  I am fairly new to knowing of Nightwish, but I have come to have a great appreciation for your music and lyrics. It has made a perfect soundtrack to the books I am working on. For the inspiration your music has made on these stories I have been working on, I would like to thank you as well.

* Tuomas: Thank you for listening!

Fehythe: Have you considered composing songs about your Finland, it's culture, and history? Perhaps along the lines (not exactly like of course) of how the band Falconer (highly recommended) does for Sweden?

* Tuomas: I really have! But that`s a thing for the future.

Fehythe: Great!

Fehythe: Have you thought of making an album that is instrumental/orchestral only?

* Tuomas: That too, yes. So much wondrous ideas and so few years to do it..

Fehythe: What is your advice to any musicians/singers that might be struggling to get a band together or to get signed?

* Tuomas: I really hope there is an afterlife

Fehythe: Me too.

* Tuomas: Keep honest, keep trying and believe in yourself. Cliche but true.

Fehythe: Any news on any of your side projects? For My Pain, etc?

* Tuomas: A little bit originality in any art never hurt anybody, too.

Fehythe: All very good advice.

Fehythe: Thank you so much for your time, Tuomas.

* Tuomas: I`d love to do For My Pain again but everyone seems so busy / occupied with families etc. Maybe some day.

* Tuomas: Thanks Fehythe!


finnish_heart: Hi Tuomas, my name is Samira and it's a great pleasure to talk to a fellow keyboardist :)

* Tuomas: Hey there!

finnish_heart: I'm very curious about this does it hurt to play long shows? like your wrist, arms, shoulder...

* Tuomas: The neck only, at first. We never really do more than 1hours 45mins so it`s not that bad.

* Tuomas: Headbanging..

finnish_heart: my hand hurts a lot...

finnish_heart: did you ever forgot any part of the music during a show?

* Tuomas: God, so many times! But that what makes the show human and funny. Unless you completely screw it up.. You should never worry about mistakes!

finnish_heart: haha I'll keep this in mind

finnish_heart: are you gonna use the new Korg Kronos? or stick with oasys?

* Tuomas: I just ordered Kronos. Will still use the sounds of OASYS, though.

finnish_heart: so we'll have Kronos in the next album?

* Tuomas: The next album is already ready, so for the one after that, I assume.

finnish_heart: great

finnish_heart: any chance of working with Apocalyptica guys at some time in the future?

finnish_heart: would be fantastic

* Tuomas: Maybe, nothing concrete has been planned. Would be a nice combo!

finnish_heart: good

finnish_heart: last one do you think a cover band is a good way to start in the music world?

* Tuomas: Depends if it keeps you motivated enough. Didn`t do the trick for me.


FluffyFaery: Hi tuomas, my name is Sophia And im from alaska.

* Tuomas: Alaska, wow! Hell-o!

FluffyFaery: *It’s obvious that the show in Los Angeles is going to be epic, and it would be amazing if ya’ll did a live recording, like they did for the End of an Era concert. Also, Annette has not had a concert dvd made with her in it. Is that in any way possible?

* Tuomas: 1st show and a dvd is too much of a risk.. We haven`t played together in years.

* Tuomas: Live, I mean

FluffyFaery: ok thanks

FluffyFaery: second question

FluffyFaery: *Do you know when the other tour dates will be announced?

* Tuomas: The guys are working with them as we speak. Shouldn`t be too much longer now.

FluffyFaery: yay

FluffyFaery: *Do your bracelets have any stories to go with them?

* Tuomas: Some do, most of them are just crap I bought from Tiimari or sth

FluffyFaery: ok

FluffyFaery: *Have you ever straightened your hair? I bet it would look awesome!

* Tuomas: Sometimes the barber did, but I like the hungover-troll-look a bit more.

FluffyFaery: If you’ve listenedto the music in America, which bands did you like?

* Tuomas: Metallica, Pantera, Ozzy... The biggies. And many film music composers, too!

* Tuomas: Garth Brooks! No joke.

FluffyFaery: thanks tuomas

* Tuomas: Thank you!


JaneDoe: Hello, Tuomas, it's a great pleasure being chatting with you. I'm Ariana from Argentina. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Hope you're having fun here! :)

* Tuomas: Hi Ariana! Lovely name you have.

JaneDoe: Thank you!

JaneDoe: To what could you compare the experience of writing and recording Imaginarium?

* Tuomas: To building a 300 meter - high cathedral to Mars

JaneDoe: Hahahaha, nice!

JaneDoe: If you could live in a movie, what would it be?

* Tuomas: Beauty And The Beast or The Village.

JaneDoe: Both beautiful :)

JaneDoe: With which other Nightwish album you would have liked to do a movie?

* Tuomas: Angels Fall First. It would be a black and white comedy.

JaneDoe: I will dream about that tonight..

JaneDoe: Which of your favorite songs you wish you had written yourself?

* Tuomas: Walking In The Air. The most beautiful song ever.

JaneDoe: :D

JaneDoe: Makes me almost fly when i hear it

JaneDoe: Did you ever have trouble expressing what you felt or thought, not necessarily to others?

* Tuomas: Every day. that`s why I do what I do, I guess..

JaneDoe: Wow, that's almost incredible

JaneDoe: Thank you

* Tuomas: Have a good one!



Last_of_the_Wilds: Hello, Tuomas, my name is Marcela and I’m from Czech republic. Let me at first say a big Thank you for doing this. It means a lot for everyone one of us.:) And I’d just add to DaedraLord, many people actually like your singing voice, so don’t be so shy about it ;)

* Tuomas: Ha! Hi Marcela!

Last_of_the_Wilds: You have many musical and artistical "heroes", whose music inspired you in your life and work andhelped you emotionally. How does it feel, to know that you became something similar for a lot of people around the world and your music actually helps many people to survive the day? great music you write!:-) )

* Tuomas: Makes me happier than anything. Gives me another reason. Thanks

Last_of_the_Wilds: As a huge fan of Dragonlance series and Lord of the Rings I‘ve always wondered, who were your favourite characters here?

* Tuomas: Tanis & Gollum.

Last_of_the_Wilds: I lost my bet now :D I thought you'll say Raistlin or Tasselhof :)

* Tuomas: Both awesome!! I have my reasons..

Last_of_the_Wilds: ok:) Do you ever listen to Nightwish music in your free time? I don’t mean while making the album, but after, when you just want to relax.

* Tuomas: I do not. I never really listen to them after we have finished an album.

* Tuomas: just before thinking about the setlist I go over the back catalogue

Last_of_the_Wilds: That's interesting. :)    Your work is heavily influenced by many books and poetry, and you seem to have read a lot of books – is there one great book you would like all the people in the world to read?

* Tuomas: Yes! Song Of Myself by Walt Whitman! For me that`s what The Bible is to some people.

Last_of_the_Wilds: I have that one, in original and my language too. Great book.:)

Last_of_the_Wilds: all right mojo:) Tuomas, thank youvery much for your patience, you just made a little dream of mine come true:)

* Tuomas: All best!



Morbid_Dreamer: Thanks mojo! Hey Tuomas! My name’s Kerry and I’m from the ‘middle of nowhere’ USA! ;) Thank you for chatting with us this morning/evening!

* Tuomas: Hey Kerry from nowhere!

Morbid_Dreamer: And I want to also thank you for writing the lyrics and music that you do. It’s truly saved me from drowning in my own personal hell…Oh! And as to your earlier comment…You DO NOT sound like a motor boat engine! I so agree with Marcela on that topic!

Morbid_Dreamer: first question - When you’re having a really bad day, how do you get yourself to feel better and does it help?

* Tuomas: Someday I might buy that. But thanks

* Tuomas: Physical exercise helps best. And solitude. And Donald Duck.

Morbid_Dreamer: I'll have to remember Donald...Its also nice to see another big fan of the Snowman, btw! :) What was the first movie that made a huge impact on your life?

* Tuomas: Raiders Of The Lost Ark!! I was sth like 8 years old. My life`s been one big adventure ever since.

Morbid_Dreamer: Very cool! :D Is there any possibility that you guys are coming back to IL at any point? Like at the All-State Arena or something?

* Tuomas: Let`s see what Mr. John Finberg comes up with..

Morbid_Dreamer: Duly noted! :D What was the first Disney movie you remember loving?

* Tuomas: The Fox and the Hound.. Peter Pan.. Sleeping Beauty. One of those

Morbid_Dreamer: Awesome choices! BatB was mine! :) Ok me and my mom are extremely curious and have gotten into debates about this…Are you the one singing backup vocals on ‘While Your Lips are Still Red?’?

* Tuomas: Nope, Marco does them all.

Morbid_Dreamer: huh...didn't know that...

Morbid_Dreamer: thank you tuomas!

* Tuomas: Cheers!!


muffy46: Hi Tuomas, my name is Marta, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Poland. Thank you so much for giving the opportunity to talk with you. It means a lot to me. This is very nice of you.

* Tuomas: Hi Marta!

muffy46: 1.     I see that you like to experiment with very unusual instruments and sounds. Is there some instruments that you haven’t tried and you think that it would sound good and you want to use it in the future?

muffy46: I mean on the album

* Tuomas: Oh, there are hundreds of them still! I love dirty and weird ethnic sounds. A lot of those on Imaginarium

muffy46: yes, I love them too

muffy46: great that it will be a lot of it on Imaginarium, can't wait

muffy46: 2.     You are composing beautiful music and writing touching lyrics, so I think you have great scent of „words composition”. Isometimes write my own poetry and your music always is very inspiring to me. Have you ever thought about writing and publishing some poetry or maybe prose?

* Tuomas: One song is basically nothing but ethnic instruments

* Tuomas: I`m having ideas for a book of my own as we speak.. But that`s gonna take a few years

muffy46: it's great idea

muffy46: It will make us happy to read some of yours

muffy46: If you were not a composer and musician, what other profession would you choose to practice?

* Tuomas: Thanks, hopefully some day

* Tuomas: Biologist or an adventurer!

* Tuomas: Some sort of mad scientist anyway

muffy46: wow, sounds great

muffy46: cool :)

muffy46: 6.     What’s the main purpose that you are aiming for in your life?

* Tuomas: Happiness, Love and balance. For other people and myself.




Nalon: :) Thanks Mojo. Terve Tuomas. I´m Ricarda From Germany, Bochum. But i like it more if people called me Nalon;) ( Why? A long Story) Very very thank you for your time. I´m really nervouz that you are the 2nd NW member with them a talk/read (First was Marco, as he was in the Matrix with Tarot).

* Tuomas: Hi Ricarda!

* Tuomas: Oh, Nalon!

* Tuomas: Entschuldigen sie, bitte.

Nalon: I have a question about the next tour: Is there any chance to see "LORDI" as supporting act?

Nalon: ^^ no problem Tuomas

* Tuomas: Probably not.. Not the best combo I think, even though I like them

Nalon: :) ok and the next : Do you plan to use mediaval instruments in the future or for the next album?

* Tuomas: There`s a lot of weird ethnic noise on Imaginarium! I hope you`ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Nalon: ;) ok

* Tuomas: True medieval... Possibly!

Nalon: Do you have in your Disney collection the big Snow Goble (with music) and a Uncle Scrooge Moneybox?

* Tuomas: I have 3 snow globes and 3 US moneyboxes

Nalon: wow! I have loss my Uncle Scrooge Moneybox :(

Nalon: You've seen the movie "Joulutarina" A Christmas Story by Marco Leino?

* Tuomas: It`s a classic

* Tuomas: I have, yes. Wonderful scenery

Nalon:  I think is the best x-mas film ever.

Nalon: Have you ever seen a musical in theatre live and if so which one? (cats)

* Tuomas: After "The Snowman", of course. haha

Nalon: :D

Nalon: Ok Kiitos Tuomas and mojo and cc

* Tuomas: I saw Phantom of the opera and the Wicked. 1st was awesome, the second one not so

* Tuomas: Take care Nalon!

Rainborn: Hello Maestro! Here is Marian, Damian and Timon, we are from Berlin and have a Symphonic Metal band too called "Rainborn", we are really excited to talk to one of our biggest idols, without Nightwish we would have never started with listening metal, so you brought us to metal and made us produce this kind of music too!

* Tuomas: Hi there everyone!

Rainborn: Are there any unreleased ideas on the new album which you had years ago already or is everything completly new?

* Tuomas: 98% is completely new but I did some recycling from the past. Some lyrical ideas and a couple of riffs

Rainborn: Do you have an eye/ear on newcomer Symphonic Metal bands some times?

* Tuomas: I`m ashamed of how little I follow the music scene these days...

Rainborn: thats bad :(

Rainborn: What are the other band members doing at the moment?

* Tuomas: Their own bands, vacations, taking care of families, etc.

Rainborn: Nice :) Will there be a song with only Marco singing on the new album?

* Tuomas: There will.

Rainborn: Awesome! YES YES YES! :D

Rainborn: Is your equipment going to change for the next tour?

* Tuomas: A little bit, yes. I`d like to simplify things to some extent.

Rainborn: Is he going to scream? That would be enought for us! :)

* Tuomas: He does his fair share of screaming, no worries.

Rainborn: Thats good! :)

Rainborn: How often does Nightwish rehearse before a tour?

* Tuomas: But he`s such a romantic... and getting old...

* Tuomas: We rehearse a lot by ourselves, and then a few weeks together as a band

Rainborn: Thanks very much for your time Tuomas! Tomorrow 2pm we have bandrehearsal if you have time just come over here and visit us, if you dont have time just come some other day you are always invited! ;)

* Tuomas: waiting for the teleport to be invented.. Take good care! And best of luck to the band!!


SannaH: Thanks mojo! Iltaa Tuomas, I'm Sandra, sitting in front of my Mac in Uusimaa and sending greetings to Kitee :)

* Tuomas: Thanks! Kitee greeting back.

SannaH: The Zurna for Imaginarium - what was your inspiration to use that old turkish/arabic element? I own a arabian horse that's why I got VERY curious when I saw the studio picture.

* Tuomas: Because the song needed that sound. It`s a scene in the film that originally gave me the idea for that particular song

SannaH: :)

SannaH: Have you ever been on a horseback?

* Tuomas: Once, in Levi. Wintertime horse riding safari. Beautiful and scary

SannaH: Why scary?

* Tuomas: Big things, and then the trotting.. I couldn`t hold on

SannaH: You should give it another try :)

* Tuomas: Shire horses or sth..

SannaH: I'll give you a word, could you please write what comes into your mind when reading it?

* Tuomas: Ok

SannaH: summer

* Tuomas: Most boring season

SannaH: Whip

* Tuomas: Indiana Jones

SannaH: Car

* Tuomas: Necessary evil

SannaH: Helsinki

* Tuomas: Surprisingly beautiful place

SannaH: Romance

* Tuomas: What we are alive for

SannaH: Art

* Tuomas: Everything

SannaH: Newspaper

* Tuomas: Never really read them

SannaH:  Kiiti ja hyvää illan jatkoa sulle! Thank you, have a nice evening! And give it a try again!

* Tuomas: Kiitos dearie!

* Tuomas: I will



Scapegoat:  hei Tuomas, i am Mari, from near Oulu :) and i was really truly surprised when Carol told mei can join this great chat,and i am truly an anti-nerd but learning all the time! :D

* Tuomas: Moi!

Scapegoat: i have followed NW from the beginning, and want to thank you from my heart, for i wouldn't have survived all the difficultieslife has given me without NW. (i am 29 so i'm not talking of anything small things..)

* Tuomas: Join the club!

* Tuomas: Thanks.

Scapegoat: even in hardest darkest hopeless placesthere was always that rope to hang on, give the words and strenght to climb up. you've given a form to that beat and melody andcraving that runs in my veins, so thank you again.

* Tuomas: Making me wordless

Scapegoat: Ghost Love Score is really important to me,i love it just a bit above the rest, for it is what i'd writeif i could and had words :) i know this is asked you many times, but do you have some of NW songs that is above others?

* Tuomas: I like some more than others (Poet and Pendulum etc.) but all my kids are important to me. i`m old enough to admit it

Scapegoat: once i was singing Swanheart (all those beautiful people, i want to have them all) and at one point realizei sang "hang them all" :D have you ever had such an accident when some people are listening?

Scapegoat: :D

Scapegoat: just for you to know, i love Walt Whitman, Hans Zimmer and Australia too:)

* Tuomas: Haha! That`s great, I just wrote that mistakes are the best part of a show. makes it so much more humane

* Tuomas: Nice trio!!

Scapegoat: :D

Scapegoat:  are you nervous about that film-project of yours?  or actinc in it?

* Tuomas: Not really nervous, just anxious to get it started. The acting - part will be a challenge.. Small part, luckily

Scapegoat: or not :D

Scapegoat: have you learn something new about yourself during filmproject?  what do you expect of it?

* Tuomas: I`ve learned that my nerves last longer than I thought, and that makes me a bit proud

Scapegoat: is the dreamer's hideaway an asylum?  is the sweet ignorance the key?

* Tuomas: Unbelievably difficult to realize this vision..

Scapegoat: and which of these you'd like to be only one day if have a chance:  a.Jack Sparrow b.Edward Scissorhand c. M. Night Shyamalan (his works i love, by the way)?

Scapegoat: i truly wish you all the strenght and stamina that bronze claw i gave you represents :)

* Tuomas: Jack, absolutely. the one in the 1st part of the movies

* Tuomas: Take good care country mate!


ShinyFeather: Thanks Mojo :)

ShinyFeather: Hello, Tuomas. My name's Cristina, and I'm some crazy storywriter from Spa... let's just say I'm a girl from Spain :)

* Tuomas: hey there spanish lady!

ShinyFeather: Now without joking, I'm very very glad to be here. First of all, I want to say thank you, for all you've done, for your works always make me dream... make me feel inspired for life... and give me a lot of strenght, too. Thank you again for sharing all these beautiful and wondrous visions with us. I'm talking honestly.

* Tuomas: Thanks a million!

ShinyFeather: :)

ShinyFeather: Something I'd like you to know is that I've started reading The Dark Tower series because of your recommendations. I had tried a story from Stephen King before and it was good at the end, but it also made me learn that it isn't a good idea to spend insomnia summer nights reading that alone in bed...! So I probably needed something to make me decide to try the author again :)

* Tuomas: Grrrrreat choice!!

ShinyFeather: I like it so far, even if I just reached first book's third chapter yet. So thanks for that! Anyways, there is something that makes me curious... you know how Stephen King is.

ShinyFeather: His books make you think about the darkest emotions and situations (I don't like much using this word to talk about this kind of things because "darkness" itself has another meaning to me, something more positive... but you'll understand), the most macabre thoughts about what we are, human beings... and suddenly, some beautiful thoughts, and some hilarious scenes that made me laugh hard a lot :)

ShinyFeather: I really wonder if this has happened to you, too... have you sometimes felt uncomfortable with it? Have you ever laughed lots with it? What do you like the most, in short, about all of it? Sorry for many questions in one... I didn't know how to ask this in a shorter way.

* Tuomas: Horror helps us deal with our personal fears. Big time.

ShinyFeather: Sorry Mojo, guess I extended it too much...

*mojo: no biggie ;)

ShinyFeather: Well, I didn't know what more to ask because... it's all of a sudden, this :)

* Tuomas: Darkness is often so much more intriguing than light

ShinyFeather: Maybe I have only another little and simpler (simpler?) question to make, and it's precisely that one...

* Tuomas: But I`d still choose the good guys

ShinyFeather: What do you think yourself of the idea of darkness? Has it something to do with bad and shady to you, necessarily?

ShinyFeather: To me... it doesn't actually means that, but... something much warmer, like a place for little lights to shine :)

* Tuomas: Darkness has nothing to do with bad or evil. It`s just one part of light.

ShinyFeather: Thanks a lot for this time, Tuomas, really :)

* Tuomas: Takes out the vision so we can hear and UNDERSTAND better

* Tuomas: Cheers mate!



yappobiscuits: Hey there Tuomas! Owen from England here. Just me left now I guess, so thanks on behalf of everyone for this most excellent evening! *raises glass* :D

* Tuomas: I`ll raise one for you, too!

yappobiscuits: Well, it's a cup of tea really. I'm so english XD

yappobiscuits: One song I'm very excited about from Imaginarium is the one you describe as "Danny Elfman goes Humppa", as this sounds a bit like another of my favourite bands, Finntroll. Was their music at all an inspiration for this song?

* Tuomas: Warm beer?

* Tuomas: I love Finntroll but they were not the inspiration. Mr. Elfman and some ghouls and ghosts were..

yappobiscuits: sounds awesome. Others have asked about getting nervous on stage… I have similar problems, and I usually solve this with a little alcohol beforehand ;) …what are your thoughts on drinking before a show?

* Tuomas: It`s a very dangerous thing.. I always take 1 small glass of wine, helps a bit. Screwing up because of booze is cowardly

yappobiscuits: true, I'm always careful myself too

yappobiscuits: I'm a huge fan of folk music, and you seem to like using unusual traditional instruments in your music, such as the native american flute, the kantele, and pipes and whistles (speaking of which, I'm from Cumbria, the same part of England as Troy, and I think it's really cool that someone from my area works with Nightwish :P) …and now the zurna (and more?) on on Imaginarium… What are your favourite types of folk music?

* Tuomas: I visited Cumbria last fall! Amazing!

yappobiscuits: it is!

* Tuomas: I love celtic vibes, even though I`m a Finn, I have to say that

yappobiscuits: aye same here :)

yappobiscuits: Would you ever consider using an accordion in Nightwish? (I'm an accordionist, among other things :P)

* Tuomas: In my opinion accordion is one of the most under-appreciated instruments. Why not. Turisas and Finntroll have already done it, though. And done it well

yappobiscuits: aye it is, twas those bands that inspired me to pick it up! Now I play it in a folk metal band myself finally, I'm an aspiring film composer …When I write music, I like to start by writing out in text a bullet pointed list describing the basic song structure or the story I want to tell before writing detailed music. Do you have a similar (or different) tried and tested method of writing music?

* Tuomas: Cool!

yappobiscuits: and thanks for your time mate, has been awesome :D

* Tuomas: Sth similar, yes! I always have the story 1st, than just try to figure out the way to tell that story well.

* Tuomas: then, not than..

* mojo: ooooookay.. folks.. that was it :) .. Tuomas, wanna say something?

* Tuomas: Thanks everybody, i truly had a wondrous time! Thanks also to Carol and Mojo! You people are amazing. Enjoy the summer. Love.

* mojo: *bows*  ;)

* Tuomas: Bows twice in return

Very successful events. Big thanks to everyone who took part and we look forward to more in the future:
- Carol & Tuomas