Campfire Sessions Episode 1: Wacken, 'The Stabber' & Skyrim

Greetings to all and welcome to the very first instalment of our new segment The "Campfire Sessions" aka's CFS.

What the hell is a's CFS and why this title?

It’s pretty easy: CFS stands for Campfire Session and we all know that being around an open fire place makes most people cosy and comfy.
We don’t want to ask questions just like any interviewer does. No, we’re trying to do this differently by creating a chit chat about everything that comes up. Of course, there are a few normal questions, the usual ones but we also try to show the other side. 
So using the power of technology (otherwise known as Skype) we grabbed hold of Tuomas and subjected him to his (and our) very first CFS session.


This particular 30 minute episode has been cut down from over an hour of discussion... I mean who want's to hear us laughing and giggling like school children right?

It was fun, Tuomas loved it and it was his suggestion to carry on and do more in the future (next to be on the Scrooge project- keep your eyes peeled)