(Audio) TH.com chats to Pip Williams

Ask a Nightwish fan who is Pip Williams?, and they would most likely reply that he is the man who worked with them on orchestrations. A more accurate description is that he is a man of many talents who has worked within the music industry for many years. From session guitarist, producer, arranger and orchestrator to even teaching.



We decided to approach Pip for an interview about his work with Nightwish and more after realising that apart from the Nightwish book by Mape Ollila, he had never been interviewed anywhere about his Nightwish work.

Our website administrator, Carol, traveled to London on Saturday 3rd of September to have a relaxed chat in a typical English pub where we recorded the mammoth 1 hour interview. All the questions were taken from the TH.com forum where members posted their questions.

Sit back, relax and enjoy listening to Pip's stories and in depth look at how the orchestrations on Nightwish albums come to life:

Interview with Pip Williams by us

Pip: "I would like to thank all of the fans for their interesting questions, and also for their continued interest and dedication to Tuomas and Nightwish- the greatest Symphonic Metal band on the planet!"