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Q: What is Tuomas’s email address? / Will you pass on my message to Tuomas?

A: Tuomas’s email address is private, he does not have a fan email contact. The only way to contact Tuomas is via letter to his fanmail address below. Please be aware that Tuomas is incredibly busy and does not reply to mail. However, he has promised he reads every one.

Attn: Nightwish/Tuomas holopainen
15700 LAHTI


Note: The "Contact Us" page sends an email to the site administrator, not to Tuomas.

Q: Can you send me an autograph?

A: We do not carry a supply of autographs to just send out when people request. The only way to get autographs is by winning our contests, attending signing events, buying signed versions of items sold by the Nightwish store, etc.

Q: Does Tuomas visit the website?

A: Tuomas sometimes visits both the forums and the chat room. He will always use his real name, ‘Tuomas’, online and it is password protected, so you know it’s him and not an imposter.

Q: Who runs the website?

A: The website is run by a team of dedicated volunteers.

Q: What is "This article/media/content is protected by Copyright ©" 

A: We have had issues in the past of having articles of ours stolen and used around the net without our permission or other people claiming it is their work. We add this so people know this is the origin of the article/media and can ask people to credit when they use it.

Q: Why is the website not translated into my language?

A: We chose what languages to translate the website into via visitor statistics. The most popular languages visiting are the ones we use for our website. We have to have a cut-off point somewhere. If we translated the site into every language requested, we’d be into double figures and it’s just not practical.

Q: I want to become a moderator/translator for the site? How do I apply?

A: All of our team are chosen from trusted regulars. We get to know members via the chat room and if we think someone would fit on our team, or if we are seeking someone, we approach them.
We do not have an application process.

If you have any other questions, please ask a member of the staff in the chat room or use our contact form under the 'Info' menu tab.