Scrooge update

There is not much new happening at the present time. I'm just creating the songs at the moment and gathering different ideas. I will then work with the songwriting 24/7 in Feb-April. It's no secret that I'm doing this as a solo project, with Pip and some other musicians I still want to keep a secret. It`s important to keep the flow of mind and not decide much before the songs are finished. The story often tells itself, whether it needs vocals or lyrics etc. Will know better next spring.

Pip has agreed to do the orchestral / choral arrangements in the same way as on DPP and Imaginaerum. I`ll record a demo by myself in May and we`ll work together with the orchestral parts from that moment on. 

Troy will have a major part with playing the pipes and whistles on the album. (as Scrooge originates from Scotland) He might also put me together with some of his celtic player buddies. We`ll see. Will know more what I need once I have some completed songs.

Next year will take my keys with me to Disney and finish off writing the album there! Will be interesting to see if the atmosphere of Disney delivers something to the project. Currently there is 5 songs in very early stages. One of them is actually in its final form, I feel, but the rest are just ideas and soundscapes underlining certain stories.

I hope that the album will be ready by the end of 2013, so that I would have plenty of time for writing the next NW album (starting rehearsals in summertime of `14). The release of my solo album may be during 1st half of 2014, but nothing`s been decided yet.