Exclusive: Tuomas Diary Entry

Dear fellow Escapists,   

It`s the morning of the 1st day of autumn and I`m loving the chilly air and heavy rain. Uncle Walt is gazing at me from the wall as I`m sipping my morning coffee. I enjoy these moments more than any other part of the day. And I love the fact that things are finally rolling with speed. 


We had a wonderful meeting with Stobe (Harju, the director of "Imaginarium" - the film) yesterday and when I saw the audition videos from the cast actors I was in high heaven. The characters were exactly as I had imagined them in my head. And they were reciting the script with such passion and enthusiasm that it gave me the shivers of a lifetime. 

The concept art is equally stunning. And the costume designs. And the props. The production crew is effective beyond measures. 

I could go on raving about the film forever but that`s not why I`m writing this. 

I want to greet and thank all of you personally. Having my own official site is very flattering and I wanted to thank You, the community, all the people visiting this site. And I bow humbly before the book I got from Carol when we were recording the orchestras in London earlier this year. It was such an inspirational piece and I`ve had many fun moments with it. I guess we all need a boost now and then to remind us that what we do actually has a meaning. Sounds corny, I know, but listening to the new album while going through the book is an easy way to get my eyes wet. It has rare warmth and sincerity in it, and I will hold on to it forever. 

A special thanks goes to Carol for keeping the site alive and blossoming. Keep up the wonderment you do!  

It`s the best life I`ve ever had and the future looks exciting and adventurous beyond words. The mammoth 4-years-in-the-making will soon be turned loose. Thanks for sharing the ride! 

With lots of LUGH,