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Let's have a few ground rules so that things are not getting out of control inside the IRC channel #TheEscapist


  • Before you enter the chatroom, please chose an appropriate nick.
    • No default 'Mibbit' nicks allowed.
    • No 'Guest...' nicks allowed- this happens if you join with a nick that's registered to someone else.
    • No nicks containing the names of Nightwish band members.
    • All above you will be asked to change, fail to do so will result in being kicked.


  • Just to make this very, very clear: The chatroom is not the place for extreme fan drooling! If anyone has the need to chat like, example: " Oh, he's mine, I love him so much, oh my Tommy... my Tuomi ...etc." ? Keep it under your hat! This chat behavior is a complete NO GO! It will not be tolerated under any circumstances by IRC Moderators. 
  • The language used inside #TheEscapist IRC is English only!


  • Instructions given by #TheEscapist IRC Mods are not to be discussed inside the IRC channel neither inside, any problems speak to a mod via PM. (See request PM rule further down)


  • We do not accept bad language, this include self censoring such as f*** etc; respect other users inside #TheEscapist IRC.


  • Do not post: Any spam or advertising, anything abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, or sexually oriented!
    If there is any specific need for clarification, this must be done by contacting an #TheEscapist IRC Mod by PM (See request PM rule further down).


  • Avoid discussing topics of dubious legality. (Like illegally obtained copyrighted content.)


  • Avoid use of CAPS lock.


  • PM requests: *NO* unrequested private messages. Ask permission in main room first!


  • Multiple nicks/clones are prohibited and are grounds for an immediate ban. (No duplicate connections from same IP)


  • A three-strike policy is used inside #TheEscapist IRC. 
    • Users will be warned a maximum of two times for any and all offenses inside the channel.
    • There is not a third warning, meaning you will be banned from #TheEscapist IRC immediately.
    • Read carefully WHY you got banned. The note will be displayed when you got banned inside the channel. No further notice will be sent to you.


  • In cases where spamming, abusive posts, multiple nicks/clones, or piracy are concerned, you will be instantly banned without notice!


  • Chatroom smilies ONLY. Others made by dots, points, dashes etc are not allowed and will result in being kicked without any warning.


  • No speed chatting! Speed chatting/fast replying is affecting the quality of the chat. It's stopping others being able to keep up with topics and get their thoughts wrote down. Ops are advised to take action. It could happen that you're not able to type/chat inside the chatroom for the longest 60 minutes because you'll be set to a "special" ban. You can still read the chat but you can't type/post. If an Op has decided to take this action against you, you'll be informed for how long you're on a "time out" inside the chatroom. Make 1 message with everything you want to say, rather then 3/4 short ones send one after another.


  • If you see a post that violates any of these rules, please report it by contacting an IRC Mod by PM.


We ask that you follow the instructions of the #TheEscapist IRC Mods.
We give up our time freely and do not need to be wasting time dealing with attitude