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This is how you register your nick on the #TheEscapist chatroom: 

Enter the chatroom #TheEscapist by clicking on the CHAT Tab at the top of the site.
Before you enter, please chose an appropriate nick. If you join with a confusing default 'mibbitnick', the channel mods will ask you to change your nick. 

If you want to register your nick please follow these instructions:

1) Type the following command into the chat room:

/ns register A_password Youremailaddress

(for example only: /ns register dumbo456 PoohBear@geemail.com

Important!! don't use hotmail/msn/live.com emails. They are blocking mibbit. Gmail works well and yahoo works occasionally


Make sure your email is spelled correctly. If not, you'll never receive the Authorisation Code.

2) Get the confirmation code from your email inbox. 

3) Type the following command into the chat and replace "confirmation_code" with the code sent to you in the email:

/ns confirm confirmation_code

(for example only: /msg NickServ confirm WhuacdLdpQ)

After this is done, one last step to do:

Close the chat window and disconnect from the chat. After that is done, rejoin the chat.
Identify with NickServer. Each time you connect you should sign in, or "identify"yourself, with your password.

If there are any problems, don’t hesitate to ask for help inside the chatroom. The Chatroom Mods will be glad to help. Don’t be shy, just ask. Sometimes IRC can be tricky.